[Facebook update] All Facebook Pages can now reply to comments with private messages

Until now, page admins could only respond to customers in the same way that the person reached out to the page, either through a comment or private message.

As of February 3, page admins are be able to reply to public comments with a private message, which will hopefully help them solve private customer requests more efficiently.

To reply privately to a customer comment, Page admins can click the new “Message” option, and a private message thread with the commenter will open.

The message from the page includes a link to the customer’s comment for reference.

When a page responds privately to a comment, the comment shows a note that the page responded privately, so other page visitors know that the page handled the request.

This feature only works page to fans, but not page to page.

Announcement: http://tgcafe.it/1Rafldd


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