Facebook's Instant Articles will be rolled out to all publishers starting April 12

In just a couple of months, any publisher of any size, anywhere in the world can become a Facebook publisher.

That means that you, should you choose to, can host content directly on the social network.

Facebook's Instant Articles allow you to create interactive articles directly on Facebook, offering a rich media experience with fast load times.

On the plus side:

♨ your readers will have a (potentially) better experience interacting with your content since they won't have to leave FB;
♨ you'll be able to monetize your content via direct-sold ads (you'll keep 100 percent of that revenue); plus, Facebook enables publishers to further monetize their content using the Facebook Audience Network.

On the minus side:

♨ if people read your content on FB, then... why do they need to go to your website?...
♨ never a good idea to put all your content into one platform's basket.

Curious - is this something you think you might try out?

Source: Facebook http://tgcafe.it/1Oh6MXr

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