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Google is quietly testing its “Project Loon” balloons in the skies over Nevada

According to +PC World, Google has finally begun its Project Loon trials in the Nevada desert.
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Google eye in the sky! Maybe the winds will shift and itll head towards you +Ana Hoffman to see what you've been up to ;) 
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Google Brings +Post Ads To All With 1,000 Google+ Page Followers

Google announced they are expanding +Post Ads to all advertisers who have over 1,000 followers on their Google+ Pages.

In addition, they are also testing two new features for +Post Ads.

Promoted Hangouts on Air: You can now promote your Hangout on Air with +Post ads that lets users take specific actions before, during, and after the broadcast. Users can RSVP prior to the Hangout, watch the broadcast live, and view a recording after the event.

Automatic post promotion: Now you can automatically promote your most recent Google+ post, and pay only when people engage with your content, extending the reach of your social content across the web.


♨  Get a great overview in this post by +Mark Traphagen

♨  See what +Post Ads will do for Google+ as +martin shervington of +Plus Your Business! sees it:

♨  Learn how you actually build them inside AdWords, see this post by +Larry Kim of +WordStream

#googlepostads   #pluspostads  
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Ads is a misnomer. Paid promo is a better name. 
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Ana Hoffman

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Google Analytics Changes Terminology

Google Analytics has quietly changed the terminology they use within the reports to change what they call "_visits_" and "_unique visitors."

Now, visits are "_sessions" and unique visitors are "_users_."

Nothing else seems to have changed.

ht +Barry Schwartz and +Nikhil Raj 
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+Zimkhitha Moloi she does have an awesome post with custom reports you can add to your dashboard which still work. 
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Free LIVE Interactive Workshop with +Danny Iny: Passionate, Purposeful, and Prosperous... this Year!

I don't host workshops... like ever. Unless it's with +Danny Iny and for a good reason.

Don't miss this one TODAY in just under 4 hours - 3 pm EST.

Reserve your spot here:

Even if you can't make it today, reserve your spot anyway: replay will be available for registrants for 3 days after the workshop:

And did I mention it's FREE?

See you there in less than 3 hours:

(yep, I need to stop link dropping lol)
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+Danny Iny Thanks for the link, Danny; will pass it on.
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Good morning, everyone!

I have a feeling this will be one of those days...


#wakeupandsmellcoffee   #anahoffman  
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Love some coffee and good zoned/into it -meditative-writing though ;)
But know where you're coming from.
Cute one. :P
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Ana Hoffman

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* +Danny Sullivan: 18 Years Covering Search*

A piece of history in our industry. :)

If you have a moment, please drop Danny a note to thank him in the comments on his post below. He gets a ton of criticism being in his role, but rarely do people say thanks.
My 18 year anniversary writing about search is today. So I guess I'm an adult at this now :) Here's a page from my original guide, way back when, covering the major search engines and why they were deemed important by me to publishers.
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New +Matt Cutts' Video: What are some myths about SEO?


What are some of the biggest SEO Myths you see still being repeated (either at conferences, or in blogs, etc)?


MYTH 1: Relates to Google Ads and their relationship to organic search rankings

♨ If you buy ads, your organic rankings will go higher. 

♨ If you don't buy ads, your rankings will go higher. 

♨ Google makes changes to their organic results to drive more people to buy ads.

All of this is untrue and a myth according to Matt Cutts.

MYTH 2: Quick fixes to break Google's algorithm.

There are too many fads in the forums and black hat forums.

One person will say tactic X works awesome, then a few months later, tactic Y and so on. For example, someone might say article directories work, then later guest blogging, then later link wheels and this process goes on and on. Also, someone might say a specific tool works very well. 

Matt said, the truth is, if someone found a loophole, they wouldn't sell it as an ebook or software product, they'd use it themselves for as long as possible before others catch on.

"Never be afraid to think for yourself.", says Matt.


Remember what Google's end goal is: to provide the searchers with the best possible results and aligns yourself with those goals - provide the best pages to match searchers' queries. 

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Thanks +Matt Cutts
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Good morning, everyone!

Thanks to +Oleg Moskalensky, my morning coffee tastes all the sweeter today - with science behind it.

Of course, 'the American Chemical Society cautions that it's best to keep your caffeine intake at about 400mgs (3 8-oz cups), lest you end up with jitters and anxiety' doesn't apply to me. lol

Enjoy your morning cup and allusively increased productivity!

#wakeupandsmellcoffee   #anahoffman  

Source: +Business Insider
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+Ana Hoffman and dinners too.  Next up - used car sales, I guess ;)
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Ana Hoffman

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New Gmail Feature: Now Attach Photos from Your Smartphone Straight into Gmail

What you need to do:

♨  Enable Auto Backup to automatically back up your photos and videos to Google+. (instructions:

♨  Attach the photos in Gmail with a click of a button.

HT +DashBurst 
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Ana Hoffman

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Google Glass sells to the public TODAY - and TODAY ONLY

If you'd been dreaming of joining the "cool kids" and have $1,500 burning your pocket, today is your lucky day: Google Glass is finally open to the public.

Starting at 9 a.m. on April 15, anyone can sign up to become a Glass Explorer.

But this is a one-day sale only, expiring on April 16, when becoming an Explorer will once again be by invite only.

You can purchase your pair here:

Are you thinking about it?

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There must be really a LOT of profit in that for Google. How much could it possibly cost having this made (probably) in some Chinese factory?. A couple hundred max I say.
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That’s right, I’ve had some online business flops in the past, until one day I realized that my business was only as good as the number of eyes that saw it on a daily basis.

That’s why I started TrafficGenerationCafe, focusing on various ways to increase website traffic like search engine traffic, social media traffic, networking, as well as how to convert that traffic into subscribers and buyers.

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