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Google Apps has been christened G Suite

Are you a Google Apps user? Fear not, Google Apps is here to stay, just under a different name to "better reflect this mission": G Suite.

A quote from the announcement of G Suite

"With G Suite, information can flow freely between devices, apps, people and teams, so great ideas never get left in the margins again. Imagine the future for your business, if this was how it could be . . ."

A lot more is promised to be on the way

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Why not !!!!!!
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Ana Hoffman

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Google introduced a new way to quickly find content from installed apps on your Android phone

To access this feature, go to the Google app on your Android phone and find the In Apps tab.

A few examples of what you can do with this new search mode:

☕ Find your contacts and messages.

Easily find the friend you want to catch up with, or the name of the new sushi place that your friend told you about last month — just search for [sushi] and find the message.

☕ Listen to your favorite running song or watch that sneezing panda video for the 15th time — all in one place.

☕ Stay organized with your tasks and notes.

Want to check off items on your grocery list? No problem, just search for [groceries].

Today this search works with apps like Gmail, Spotify and YouTube.

In the coming months, Google will also be adding more apps, including Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist and Google Keep.

Searching your personal results happens entirely on your phone, so you can search even when you're not connected to WiFi or cellular data.

Only you can see your personal results, and you can control what apps appear by going to Settings within the Google app.

Source: Google blog


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Ana Hoffman

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🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS 🔥 How to Turn a Blog Post into a Video in 5 Minutes [#TrafficHack]

You no longer have a choice whether or not to deliver your content through video.

Video is now the primary way people want to learn, shop, and interact online.

What are YOU going to do about it???


How about… you take your last blog post, fire up your Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, give it a few minutes of your time and… TA-DA!… a video ready to be uploaded to YouTube and/or any other video site.

NOT kidding…

This opens up a whole new venue and a whole new segment of people to consume your content.

Here's how.


With this simple and free way to turn your blog posts into videos you too can kill it with video marketing - and reach a much bigger audience.
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I'm working on videos now too, +Ana Hoffman Now I need to go to start a uTube for where to put things to share, right? This post and video are super—You go! Thank you again for your generous feedback...will let you know when new production is ready:) Thanks tons!!
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Ana Hoffman

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Interesting... The newly real-time Penguin algorithm devalues spammy links to a site or its pages instead of demoting site rankings

According to a brief comment exchange between Google's +Gary Illyes and +Barry Schwartz on Barry's Facebook post (, it seems that Google Penguin no longer penalizes a site or specific pages, but rather ignores/devalues the spammy links and thus the rankings are adjusted.

I've asked Barry and Gary for a clarification on this, but here's how I understand it:

if a site has spammy links pointed to it

☕️ it won't be penalized for those links like Penguin would've done in the past (algorithmically)
☕️ the spammy links will be devalued
☕️ thus the site certainly won't benefit from those spammy links
☕️ but could potentially go down in rankings had those links helped the site to gain higher rankings to begin with.

What do you think? Does this seem right?

I'll also update the post if/when I hear a response to my comment.

If I read it correctly... it sounds like a bit of a relief, don't you think?

Additional reading:

'Google Penguin doesn’t penalize for bad links – or does it?' - at +Search Engine Land

'Google updates Penguin, says it now runs in real time within the core search algorithm' - at +Search Engine Land


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Ana Hoffman

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😮 YouTube will shoot a FREE professional video for your business when you spend $150 to advertise on YouTube

You heard me right.

It's called YouTube Director Onsite

Let me say right off the bat that the service is only available in six major metropolitan areas: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston.

To check if they're filming in your area, enter your zip code on the home page:

How does it work? THE SKINNY

☕ Choose a video template and they'll match you with a filmmaker to help you write a script.

☕ Your filmmaker will come to you to shoot, edit, and deliver your video—all in the same day.

☕ An ads specialist will get your video ad set up to help you reach the right audience for your business. You'll need to spend at least $150 on YouTube advertising.

☕ The entire process usually takes a few hours over 2-3 weeks.

If $150 still feels like a lot, The YouTube Director for Business app is a completely free way to start making video for your business. It is based on the same templates YouTube uses for Director onsite and it includes a ton of help content to help you make great videos using just your smartphone.

You can learn more about Director for Business here

The video below is an example of the finished product.

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+Maurizio Ceravolo wow :) GRAZIE!
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Ana Hoffman

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Snapchat = Snap Inc. The future of photography = Spectacles?

Spectacles is the first hardware product from the newly christened Snap Inc. aka Snapchat.

Described by Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc., as a 'toy, to be worn for kicks at a barbecue or an outdoor concert' (, it's made quite a splash since its revealing late last week.

But why?

Why use a pair of video sunglasses instead of holding up your smartphone like everyone else?

What sets Spectacles apart?


☕ Spectacles’ camera uses a 115-degree-angle lens, wider than a typical smartphone’s and much closer to the eyes’ natural field of view.

☕ The video it records is circular, more like human vision.

☕ According to Evan Spiegel, that's what makes the resulting images fundamentally different. (

☕ Tap a button near the hinge and Spectacles will record up to 10 seconds of video.

☕ Each new tap records another clip.

☕ Spectacles video syncs wirelessly to a smartphone.

☕ Videos will be recorded in a new circular format that friends will be able to play back on any device.

☕ On phones and tablets, they’ll keep playing smoothly without changing orientation as you rotate the devices.

☕ On iOS, the glasses will transfer videos over Bluetooth by default, and high-resolution recordings will go over Wi-Fi.

☕ On Android only, a Wi-Fi option will be available.

☕ Recordings will be saved to Snapchat’s Memories section, so people will be able to add filters and illustrations to their videos after they’re recorded but before they’re posted.

☕ Spectacles charge while inside their special case. The charging cable can charge both the glasses and the case. One charge of the glasses will give you one day’s worth of video recordings, and the case will deliver an additional four charges.

☕ Spectacles will be available this fall, one-size-fits-all in black, teal or coral.

☕ Priced at $129.99, with limited distribution.

If you are up for a very interesting read about Evan Spiegel, Snapchat, Spectacles, and a whole lot more, check out this piece by Seth Stevenson at +Wall Street Journal

Seth writes:

"Though he calls it a toy, Spectacles also seems like a Trojan horse for Spiegel’s vision of the future: a way of taking photographs that is more natural, as the wearer turns reflexively to look at items of interest. The resulting scenes, he hopes, will feel less like bland camera-phone snippets than like an archive of memories. Or dreams."

Beautifully said.

What do you think? Is this something you might consider wearing?


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Ana Hoffman

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Meerkat is dead; long live Houseparty - the new group video chat app

The maker of the once-so-popular-now-all-but-forgotten Meerkat, Life On Air launched Houseparty, a group video chat app for Android and iOS.

Houseparty lets a number of people hang out on video.

Actually, the app was launched a while ago (it even reached No. 2 on iTunes in May), but no one knew Life On Air was behind it.

"On the surface it feels like it’s a super-fast ‘group Facetime,’ and what’s gets us really excited is that it’s actually the atomic unit (first step) for our vision to build a synchronous social network where people hang with their friends when they physically apart. The app is spreading throughout colleges in America, and we just hit a million users!” Life On Air cofounder and chief executive Ben Rubin told VentureBeat in an online chat

Haven't used it personally yet. If you have, would love to hear your thoughts.


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Ana Hoffman

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Twitter Moments are being democratized - any user will now be able to create and curate them

Twitter Moments, originally announced last October ( are collections of tweets on certain subjects.

Until now Moments have been curated by Twitter staffers, but as of today, anyone will be able to curate Moments based on their own as well as on other people’s content.

Twitter Moments will first be open to the users on the web; it is coming soon to Twitter’s mobile apps as well.

Here's a link to Twitter's guide (a 'Moment' of its own - you get to see what it's about first hand) to 'Tips & tricks for making a great Moment' - not much there, but might be helpful nonetheless.

Below's a quick video on how Moments work.


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Ana Hoffman

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Google's new and ONLY central source for ALL news and stories about Google: the Keyword

About time, Google!!!

Google has launched the Keyword — a new destination for the latest news from inside Google, from Android to Translate.

The Keyword is all the stuff Google had across 19 blogs, in one place — so you don’t have to hop from one blog to another to find the latest update.

You can find the new Google blog at


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Discover all the latest about our products, technology, and Google culture on our official blog.
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Ana Hoffman

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Now you can see your Google Calendar and Gmail events, plus Google Contacts in Google Maps

Starting today, Android users worldwide will be able to quickly and easily access their events directly from the map - whether you're heading to a family dinner or getting subway directions to a birthday party.


☕ Enter the address in the “Where” box when you create an event in Google Calendar.

☕ The next time you open Google Maps you’ll see your Google Calendar event right there on the map.

☕ To see a list of your upcoming events, simply open the sidebar menu, tap “Your Places” and then tap “Upcoming.”

☕ If you don’t want to see specific events on the map, you can hide them by tapping on the event from the map and then tapping “Dismiss.”

☕ You can label frequently visited places or upcoming destinations for quick access.

Just search for the address you want to label, press the label button, and enter a name.

The next time you type the name into the search box in Google Maps, your label will be a suggested result.

☕ Your Gmail events (confirmation emails for hotel, flight or restaurant reservations in Gmail) also appear in the new “Upcoming” tab in “Your Places.”

☕ Your Google contacts will appear on Google Maps as well.

☕ To manage all your personal content and how it appears on Google Maps, you can use the new personal content manager under the settings tab in the side menu. Simply toggle off what you don’t want to show and toggle on what’s most helpful to you.

All great changes, wouldn't you say?


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Ana Hoffman

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How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search Console

Everything you need to know about crawl errors, their importance, and how to fix them - at +Moz,

Search Console is divided into two main sections: Site Errors and URL Errors.

Site-level issues can be more catastrophic, with the potential to damage your site’s overall usability.

URL errors, on the other hand, are specific to individual pages, and are therefore less urgent.


Search Console is one of the most powerful tools we have for diagnosing website errors. Learn how to prioritize and resolve your site's crawl errors in Google Search Console — those hundreds of 404 errors may not be so daunting after all.
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+Gill Andrews I loved how simply it was explained in the post, wasn't it? And cheers ☕️ to fixing the errors!
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Ana Hoffman

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Happy 18th birthday, Google!
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