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Having gotten this far in life, you must realize now that nothing is an accident or a coincidence. Everything, no matter how unlikely it may appear to you, is somehow interconnected. 

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One of the best outdoor event ideas is to hold an amazing race type of event, where there are series of tasks, obstacle courses and relays to be done per team. Aside from hiring a corporate entertainer in Seattle that can really bring the house down, there are simple games and inexpensive approaches to keeping your employees happy and together.

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Numbers and Their Importance

Numbers are everywhere in this world, everywhere in this universe, representing a language that crosses all barriers, and helps to explain all things. Many people have enjoyed the enlightening information that they have received through a numerology reading Seattle service.

 Every day our lives are affected by numbers, whether we know it or not, and almost every action can be brought down to a mathematical equation, the physics of life as we know it.  From the golden ratio and pi, to astrology and astronomy, numbers and mathematics are everywhere, and yet, how much attention do we really pay to such numbers?  Do we realize how important they are in everything we do?  Read More…

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The World of Numbers Awaits

The world is made of numbers, whether in plain sight or not.  All around us mathematics define our reality.  Now, wouldn’t it make sense that these numbers affect us in our everyday life, in subtle yet interesting ways? People who have enjoyed numerology reading Seattle services have discover this.

This is what numerology is about, an ancient way of looking at the world by studying numbers and discovering what they mean in our everyday life.  This could be from personality traits to predictions of our futures, all exciting and interesting, especially when Read More…

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Corporate Mind Reading Shows
This is “a style of corporate entertainment“ which you and your colleagues are part of the fun.
If you are in the audience you never know when you might go from being a person that is having fun watching the action, to becoming the person that is participating. All seats are within my reach! Read More...

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Bring Life to These Top Ten Live Entertainment Venues with an ESP Show in Seattle
Looking for a venue to hold a corporate or family event can be quite challenging. You’ll never now which places will click with your guests or what activities to include to make it a fun and pleasurable occasion. To help you out, we have listed down some venues and out-of-the box activities that can make your event truly fun, exciting and memorable. Read More…

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10 Live Entertainment Venue Ideas Using an ESP Show
Live entertainment has never been this good. It has always been a source of fun, leisure and excitement! When looking for corporate or family entertainment, you want to be confident that you have made the right decision for your group and chose the best venues for live entertainment.
We have listed 10 venues and unique activities like an ESP show that would make your events marvelous! Read More…

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A ESP Show Seattle Live Venue is Perfect for Seattle Corporate Entertainment
Many people don’t like to attend a Corporate event because they worry about it being boring. This doesn’t have to be the case when the right Seattle Corporate Event Entertainment venue is chosen. One of the best choices is live entertainment, and this can be enhanced when the decision is made to make it an ESP Show Seattle event that is sure to please all of the attendants.
There are a lot of benefits to utilizing live entertainment for a corporate event. Read More…

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What Happens During Numerology Readings
If you have a corporate event and looking for a unique form of entertainment, numerology readings might be the way to go—especially if you don’t have a big crowd or a out of the box  program flow. This is not to say that such readings won’t work with a bigger crowd because it can be just as effective and entertaining regardless of the size of the event.
Ideally, numerology readings are done on a one-on-one basis with a table setup located on one side of the room. A professional ESP show Seattle performer Read More….

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Bring the Life Back to Your Special Event
Corporate event organizers like you sometimes find it hard to “brew” the right type of show for your audience. With the emergence of the internet came an influx of corporate show ideas which add to your confusion. Which should you include in your next event?
Of course, the more unique the idea, the better it will be for your event. Add a mix of mind reading or numerology shows to your event and your guests will have a great time knowing each other’s thoughts and feelings via the predictions of a mind reader in the city of Seattle or a mind reader in the state of Washington depending on where you are located. Read More….
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