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Can Betaworks fix Digg?

by +Jennifer Van Grove on VentureBeat.
cc +Jerry Stone +JD Rucker +Louie Baur +John Boitnott +Cecil Helton 
Digg is dead. But keep an eye out on that grave as new owner Betaworks plans to resuscitate the once famed social news site. The company will unveil its surgically remastered machination on August......
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I see lots of talk from Betaworks that indicates they understand the community, and even the need for power users.

I'll definitely give it a look when it launches.
Jake Levine said my Hitler vid was a big hit :)
+Cecil Helton - Agreed. It will be interesting. I think if anyone out there actually has a shot at fixing Digg, it's these guys, so ...
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