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I am a hacker grandma.
I am a hacker grandma.


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Goldie Taylor well written depiction of White privilege and the implications of being Black in the USA.
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Watch: Michigan Police Fatally Shoot Homeless Man Firing 46 Shots

Police circle and assassinate mentally ill homeless man who posed no threat to them. They could have used other means to "catch" him if there was indeed a reason to do so.

This is particularly heartbreaking considering such a large percentage of our homeless people are dealing with untreated mental illness which makes it impossible for them to care for themselves and we don't help them.

The police shooting had no consequence. No one was charged. It was considered "justified."
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This morning, someone tweeted a comment "Hi Folks. When you address a group of humans, please don’t say / write “guys”. The only thing this term does is make people invisible."

Jan Lehnardt retweeted the comment and from that point on his next hour or two were bombarded by a gentleman, apparently upset with what he calls "imaginary marginalisation."

I've created this post for those who want to discuss - to get the back and forth off of Twitter and allow ample room to express yourself.

First, however, I want to make clear a few of points for consideration:

1.  Someone shared an idea on what she considers important and a way of removing barriers.

2. Responding "Yeah because women in the group you're addressing actually think you're not talking to them." is rude. If one doesn't agree, a non-response is best. Otherwise, you run the risk of exposing an attitude of indifference for others who are not like you.

3. Consuming people's time and expecting them to explain and defend interrupts their day. I'm not sure how this isn't obvious.

4. Requiring that those who make such suggestions provide resources and evidence and supporting evidence that back up why a simple suggestion (whatever that is) is a worth considering in order to help others not feel excluded -- shows bias.

5. Instead of taking such an approach, ask yourself -- why not consider their point? Does it cost you anything? If someone says it would help, why are you not eager to try? There's something wrong there. Dig into your biases and get rid of them.

We all have growing to do, myself more than most. Start inside. Don't be such a problem for others. Try to adapt. The worst that could happen in a case like this is your command of the English language will improve. Save the drama for something that matters, lord knows there are many critical problems to solve.
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The aspect of arrogance that is useful (for those uninterested in self-improvement) is protection against emerging awareness that might expose ones very own hand in creating problems repeatedly blamed on others.

The emperor is buck-naked, baby. Errr. I mean handsomely clothed.
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Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.
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Folks - I am closing in on release of Molajo. I'm going to start by releasing packages as I finish unit testing and documentation. Once all of the packages have been released, then I'll release the application. If you are a PHP developer who is willing to help by trying these packages and providing feedback, I would be very appreciative.

To begin, I introduce the Molajo Fieldhandler package which can be used in any PHP application to validate, filter, and escape field data. If you have feedback, feel free to share below -- or if you find issues, please use the github issue queue to report the problem.

In advance, thanks for taking a bit of your previous time to help a dev out.
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Any of you who believe a woman developer has the same opportunity as a man in open source must also believe a bunny will be visiting you on Sunday with chocolate eggs. I know it's not pleasant to hear these things -- but imagine the feeling of being discriminated against over and over and over.
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wonder if i was too harsh blocking sexy party boy on skype.
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Do you spend your time advising those who attempt the ridiculous that their efforts are in vain?

If so, ask yourself why. Is there something you'd really like to try but you are afraid you'll fail? Have others discouraged you from taking that giant leap of faith into the unknown?

The first step towards success if falling flat on your face. You'll be fine. Just get up! Brush yourself off. Laugh at your mistakes. Go for it! Who cares if you fail? Your real friends sure won't. You'll learn and you won't live a life of regret.

But, if you decide to take the safe route and only do what's sensible because you can't stand the thought of others telling you that what you are attempting to do will surely fail, why not at least stop predicting their failure?

Maybe that's where you'll find courage.
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