Plusketeers! I've been running through books and around the internet researching space race stories to bring to you at Vintage Space. Now I want to know what you're curious about. Are there things you've wondered about like how astronauts learned to walk in space before they knew how hard it was going to be? Plans for mission to the far side of the Moon you never knew were, however briefly, considered?

It's high time I get the space loving community involved. 

Let me know what you want to know more about!

Here's a wicked shot from Apollo 17 for funsies! 
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I loved the story on the Venus fly-by mission using Apollo hardware
What I've always wondered is when planning for manned space missions, how did they test and come upon the proper materials for the best mobility while providing the best protection against UV/X-Ray/Gamma Radiation. 

Beautiful image, btw. I love seeing the color on that incline to the right of the frame. The moon is not as bleak as some would think. 
That's a great photo.  Thanks for sharing.  I know that the Apollo 17 Command Module and Lunar Module had what are called the "Apollo Guidance Computer" (AGC).  How useful were these early computers for the astronauts?  Could they for instance, still complete a lunar mission if one of them failed?
Anything that helps archive the history in an accurate way is great.  Too much was lost in the rush.  Keep up the good work!
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