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Lovely photographs, thanks for linking it, Amy :)
Gemini capsule shows the influence of the astronauts especially Grissom. The full flight controls the tight cockpit. It was a nice ship. Lots of firsts and lots of technical glitches. When Ed White did his first walk in space he almost could not close the hatch as the seal had swollen from exposure to space. On subsequent space walks the astronauts were having real trouble completing tasks as they did not know how to move and work in space. Buzz Aldrin was the first astronaut to work in the water tank on a mock up. He figured out how to do the job and asked for hand and foot holds and movement bars attached to the ship. Its a really interesting era in space history.
Amy, Indeed project Gemini was the unsung hero of our race to the moon in the 1960's. Becauce of the many techniques that we're honed, Spacecraft rendezvous, docking, EVA, long duration spaceflights ( well long by 1960's standards) etc. Gemini gave us the tools to us for the lunar missions. It was the pefect bridge to Apollo and the lunar surface.
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