It's a busy morning trying to get as much work done before my extended family arrives for a week's worth of events surrounding my cousin's wedding, so here's a picture. 

I'm not going to tell you what's happening here. Without doing a reverse Google image search, what do you think is happening in this picture? It's also a hint of what question my next Vintage Space Video is answering. 

If you guess right you win credibility (much like Homer Simpson was promised if Jebidiah Springfield's tongue turned out to be in his grave).
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Lol. I have no idea! Mercury v going up?
It looks like it is on the wood deck of a WW2-era carrier, going with Friendship 7 as well, just prior to splash down.
Erm, well, I didn't do a reverse google image search, but the file name on the picture is a little... telling.
+John Nyle : Alan Shepard vs. Buzz Aldrin for the Heavyweight Championship Out Of This World
Without looking at the image info; it has to be a splashdown because those are sailors on the wooden deck of a ship.  With that info I would agree with +Tiago Nogueira.
Alternatively it could just be a bunch of dudes cat calling some smoking dame on shore...
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