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On an impulse, I walked into a Surplus Hardware Warehouse to see if I could buy any ceramic tiles to use as coasters. (I've been using old CD cases as coasters for years, because the only coasters I've seen for sale were >$10.00.) They didn't have any ceramic tiles, but they did have these beautiful real stone tiles for $40.00 a piece.

However, they let me take 4 stone tiles which had imperfections for free! The imperfections are practically nothing--the stone was a little too porous or something.

I glued cork to the bottoms and--voila! Awesome coasters. For free.
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That's a great idea Amy. Imperfected tiles make perfect coasters!
oh my gosh this is AWESOME! I love you for posting this--I'm going to have to see if I can find a tile place that will do this!
I used these before for coasters.  You can easily tint them with sepia toned craft paint.  Dilute with water and wipe it on the surface. Let it dry. I then printed off sepia toned pics of Audrey Hepburn - cut them a bit smaller than the marble and with mod podge affixed it to the surface.  Apply a few more layers of mod podge.  For my uncle I made ones with antique cars.  
I don't know why I didn't see this comment before!  That sounds like a great idea, Anderson!  Do you have a photo?
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