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Amy Perrault
Following the lead of a toddler as he explores the world. . . curious, excited and full of love!
Following the lead of a toddler as he explores the world. . . curious, excited and full of love!

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Maybe this will help all the folks who look at me like I'm crazy when I say I can smell the rain . . . :)

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Brilliant, just brilliant.  And a fitting ending for two old friends :)

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A real American treasure. . . I know my generation (and hopefully generations to come) will be better off because of the work she spearheaded.  Thank you, Joan Ganz Cooney! 
A tribute to the co-founder of Sesame Workshop and co-creator of Sesame Street, Joan Ganz Cooney.

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Looks like a great little option for far less than some others :)
Want a Lenovo Yoga tablet for free? Good, because we're giving one away!

+1 and SHARE this post, then join the giveaway:

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The company that makes the device mentioned in this post has its North American HQ in Dedham, MA.  Anyone interested or able to help this young woman regain her independence, please share with others who might be able to move this request forward.  

Take a tiny step and possibly make a huge difference.

Many thanks!

Oh yes, and if you need a little inspiration to understand how powerful this device is for a young woman with CP, check out Sharon Draper's wonderful YA novel-- it will give you a glimpse of the possibilities.
If you are compassionate and can make a difference in an odd situation, we could use your help.  This is not a request for money or clicks.  In short, one of our students cannot communicate at all as a result of damage to the Tobii device she uses.  To not have it replaced immediately is unconscionable, but true.  Our request is that if you know anyone who can solve the dilemma (see shared doc), you request that they do.  We've already written to one local politician and one rock star, but  I'm betting that if a guy could trade a red paperclip for a house, we can somehow make the necessary connection to get this young lady back the ability to communicate!  Let's make this happen.

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An amazing app for pre-readers or beginning readers; and if you haven't seen it, check out their original, Endless Alphabet.  Both are go-to's in our house.

August is here and school will be back in session in no time. . . guess that means time to start thinking about the new year!  Taking a great online course about Formative Assessment and Standards Based Grading. . . a few hours of work a day spread over a few weeks? Not too bad--  still plenty of time to enjoy the weather and an energetic preschooler :)

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Another resource. . .
Google launches person finder for Boston Marathon explosions.

Boston is still in a state of chaos following explosions at the Marathon.
Cell service in the city is shut down in many places so your loved ones here may not be reachable.

If you are looking for friends/relatives who ran or were at the race, you can call the Mayor's hotline-- 617-635-4500.  Runners are being shuttled to the Boston Common and/or Kenmore Square.

Hospitals in the area (Brigham and Women's, for example) have been shut down to visitors, so call before going over.

Our hearts are with you
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