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Katie and I brought the science of Earth Day to the studios of NBC Channel 12 and Arizona Midday, with Earth Day: Under Pressure! Here we take a look at the Earth's atmosphere, and how we can interact with it. Learn how to crush cans not with your hands, but with air! Also, make water rise with candles, a jar, and the power of air pressure! 

With +Kat Oyler

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Katie and I brought Easter Egg Science to the studios of NBC Channel 12 and Arizona Midday! Here' you can learn how to make these gorgeous silk tie eggs, and learn some of the chemistry behind egg dyeing! 

Watch the segment below, and find the full tutorial here!

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Katie and I are becoming regulars on Channel 12, bringing science experiments to the studio of Arizona Midday! Here, you can watch us demonstrate our colorful chemistry for Valentine's Day! You'll see pH indicators, and dazzling instant color changing flowers, all with the help of acids, bases, and chemistry!


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Last night, my daughter and I brought color changing chemistry to the kids of our downtown public library, in the form of acids, bases, and indicators! As we went through our demo, we began experimenting with color changing reactions. This, a simple experiment of baking soda, red cabbage indicator, and vinegar, erupted into a color changing foamy mess! But even cooler, it settled down into a colorful density column of acids and bases!

We started with conversations on pH, and ended up talking about phases of matter, and what density means with different structures (and movement) of molecules!

It's amazing what science can achieve when it comes to dazzling and inspiring kids (and adults) to learn, experiment, and discover more about the world around them!

Here's the specific layout for our indicator, as well as some awesome instant color changing flowers, and red cabbage indicator science:

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I've been SNOPED!!! 

It is such a great feeling to know that my photos and the article that I spent so many hours pouring through research to write, stood up to a skeptical inquiry from Snopes. I am SO proud!!! :D

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We started with her very first trip to the comic book store. There, she found out about Free Comic Book Day and the costume contest! She drafted and designed her very first cosplay and TOTALLY NAILED IT!!! 

Also... she TOTALLY won that contest!

Now she's off to Phoenix Comicon to see if she can find the "Grown up Wonder Woman"! If she finds her, she wants to talk shop and ask some questions about the Justice League...

Katie's costume took less than $25 to make. We've got her tutorial inside! I am so proud of her for taking her idea and persevering to bring it to a reality. Great job, Katie!

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I'll be posting some of our favorite Halloween science experiments in the coming weeks. Today, we're kicking things off with chemistry and the grossly spectacular Goblin Eggs!

This is one of the easiest science experiments to do, as it only takes 5 ingredients! Here's what you'll need:

White vinegar
Wide mouth jar
Green food coloring

Put an egg in your jar, and completely submerge it with vinegar. Add several drops of green food coloring and swirl it around.

Put your jar in the fridge and wait for 24 hours. Carefully pour out the vinegar, and add a fresh batch (and add more food coloring!). 

Wait another 24 hours and take your egg out. 

What happens to your egg? 

See inside for more detailed instructions, some experiment ideas, and a full explanation of the chemistry behind this experiment!

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Woohoo! The ultimate digestive system post is finished!

Here you'll find a complete run down on how the digestive system works, THREE awesome science projects to go along with what you've learned, AND a ton of awesome links and resources to help you learn even more!

Basically, here is everything we've done while we learned about digestion, and the best of what helped us along the way. 

Oh, and there's cake too! I promise, it's not a lie. ;)

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Last weekend I joined up with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to put on an incredible field trip to the Phoenix Bat Tunnel. We had almost 500 people come out to enjoy the bats with us and learn all about our flying mammal friends! 

Eric Proctor brought out mummified bats, live bats, bat skeletons and skulls, and sonar listening devices, giving families a night of nature adventures they'll never forget!

Here you'll find an overview of the experience, as well as detailed maps and instructions on how to get to BOTH Bat Tunnel locations. If you're interested in learning more about bats, you'll also find a wealth of resources including links to further reading, videos, bat house instructions, and a AZ Bat Poster (and lesson plan!) from AZ Game and Fish!
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