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We have started a new trials guild NA XBOX1 for other players who can find the humor in attempting something new & that have little or no experience with trials.

Seeking other people who possess a "team player" mentality and would like to attempt trials in a fun, relaxed way.

I understand that certain guilds specifically exist for trials & there are numerous opportunities in zone chat to join a group for trials. This thread is specifically for people who aren't in those guilds for whatever reason or don't want hear THAT person in the group scream "OMG you SUCK!!" over and over again just because of lack of experience. Or for those that would feel completely lost in a group of randoms because you would had no idea what was going on.

Maybe you're an awesome player but your armor isn't much more impressive than a pair of soulshriven sandals... I envision this guild as being able to pool resources to help other guild members specifically for trials.

This can easily be framed as a "transitional" guild. I.e.: Let's learn together, train together, with the end goal being kicking some serious a** together.

This thread won't appeal to the majority, but it will appeal to the right people. Quality over quantity.

If you have an eagerness to learn, patience, a twisted sense of humor, compassion and a desire to get sh*t done - reply!

Current core members include:
KOSxX 495
LakelynRae 475

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NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, is working with Edison Nation, an open innovation online service, to help distribute its discoveries and patents. Join NASA Langley researchers Alan Pope and Chad Stephens who invented MindShift to discuss their biofeedback technology and answer your questions about its possible applications in the gaming world and beyond.

Other panelists for the Hangout include Nina Blanson, former NASA Langley intern and Mindshift co-inventor, and Scott Dromms, Edison Nation intellectual property manager.

The Hangout will be broadcast on NASA Langley's Google+ and YouTube pages. NASA social media followers may submit questions on Google+ or Twitter in advance and during the event using the hashtag #askNASA. Before the hangout begins, NASA Langley will open a thread on its Facebook page where questions may be posted.

To join the Hangout, visit:

To access the software catalog, and for more information on NASA's Tech Transfer program, visit:

For more information about Edison Nation, go to:

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LIES: "Your site #1 in 24 hours"....

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