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While I usually adore all things Google, I'm still not entirely sold on Google+ just yet. Perhaps I just need to keep test driving. Adding some more of my friends would probably also help :P
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I think it's not really apparent how useful Google+ is until you have disparate friend groups on there, and you realize that only a subset of your social group would appreciate your new game acquisition or your new photoshoot or your new favoriate PB&J sandwich.

Also nice for one-directional follows. You may have a group that you want to inform about your newest work, as well as a group of people that you just want to read updates from, but not broadcast out to.
Yea but I remember announcing that I would never leave frienster. And then I said I had no use for Facebook because I was already using myspace :)
I just +1 your comment. I don't really know what that means :)
I've decided (after about five minutes) that this is a social network. Right? Now I just need to wait for my life to improve. I'll keep you posted. 
Google+ is definitely growing on me as more people join. I'm excited to see how it evolves. I want to try the video chatting with a bunch of people!
Absolutely! Saturday morning would be best for us, keeping in mind the time difference. We'll be packing the rest of the day and officially moving on Sunday. Just let us know what works!
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