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Saying NO to Boring Business Content
Saying NO to Boring Business Content


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First AmyTV delivered on schedule... Next one coming up in a week: 
Hot Comments featured at 2minutes 53 seconds from: +Robbie van't Wout +Designforfounders and Jeff Deutsch

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The fab +Kevin Duncan was a special guest on the podcast this week. He tells you (in his awesome radio voice) why the power of storytelling is so important in connecting to your audience via content. 
9 Story Themes That Can Make Your Business Content Captivating

The amazing +Amy Harrison invited me to be on her #HitPublish podcast -- one of the many excellent podcasts over at +Copyblogger's

The theme? Stories and how online marketers can use them to captivate readers.

It was a great honor to be featured alongside +Joe Pulizzi and +Pamela Wilson, and I'd be remiss if I didn't tag +Jon Morrow, +Brian Clark, and +Syed Balkhi since I gave them shout outs.

Here's my favorite quote from the segment:

"It doesn't matter how helpful or valuable your information may be. If you can't present it in an enticing way, people aren't going to care about it. You might as well be reading them the cleaning instructions for a microwave oven."

Listen to the whole thing here:

Pin it for later by clicking here:

#podcast #rainmaker #storytelling #beabetterblogger

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How Do You Convert Prospects to Customers? The Definitive Answers are Coming Soon...

So next month I'm at the Call to Action Conference in Vancouver, it's going to rock. Here's a short video about how I was chosen (turns out I wasn't their first choice... kind of)

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Absolutely LOVE this from +Kathy Klotz-Guest "Can I leverage your toy??"

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Just how DO you get people engaging with your Google+ posts?
Ooh, +Plus Your Business! has the answer as always! :-) 

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A detailed (and useful post) from +Craig McBreen  not only about why you need to blog, but also how to get started
"Your budding startup needs to start blogging, but there’s a problem …


Yep, many of the companies I work with have a fear of marketing and it relates to cash. This is because traditional marketing is expensive.

You may have hired someone to help with web design, copywriting, and overall branding, but paying a professional to build (and run) a long-term campaign? You don’t want to make that investment, do you?

I get it, traditional marketing is pricey and if it’s done poorly you might as well be flushing those greenbacks down the commode.

So, what is the answer? Read today's post and let me know what you think…

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Are you making the most of your investment in a live event?

Social media superstar (and all round top-girl) +Liz Azyan shows you how to create opportunities in the moment (so you're not kicking yourself for missing them when you get home!)
There are so many ways you can turbo charge your business with live tweeting at events.

This is how I grow my own business, and got a name for myself in the world of social media.

And I delve into all the details in this brand new Social Media Examiner post!

#Twittertips #livetweeting #smm

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Today I'm over on +Big Brand System with some super-practical copywriting tips for winning over customers and building rock-solid trust. 

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Night in a hotel before flying out to Nashville for a mastermind retreat, just time for a quick promotion...

Really looking forward to calling in for this on Thursday with +Kathy Klotz-Guest 

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Are you kidding me Waitrose? Well done on reducing packaging. I don't believe I have ever seen a grape-induced accident. Am I missing something?
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