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First AmyTV delivered on schedule... Next one coming up in a week: 
Hot Comments featured at 2minutes 53 seconds from: +Robbie van't Wout +Designforfounders and Jeff Deutsch
Today we’re talking about the power of contrast in your copywriting. So, painting a bleak picture of what your customer’s life looks like without your product, and the rainbow and unicorn universe …
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How Do You Convert Prospects to Customers? The Definitive Answers are Coming Soon...

So next month I'm at the Call to Action Conference in Vancouver, it's going to rock. Here's a short video about how I was chosen (turns out I wasn't their first choice... kind of)
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However you do it you look and sound great. 
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Thanks so much +Helen Lindop! And yes, there are some food that should just be banned from public transport (boiled eggs, messy peaches... stilton.)

Amy Harrison

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Just how DO you get people engaging with your Google+ posts?
Ooh, +Plus Your Business! has the answer as always! :-) 
The Anatomy of a Super Engaging Google+ Post - Plus Your Business

#engaging #googlepluspost #googleplus
Looking for some extra engagement on your Google+ posts? Well, this post will help get your content flying!
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Amy Harrison

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Are you making the most of your investment in a live event?

Social media superstar (and all round top-girl) +Liz Azyan shows you how to create opportunities in the moment (so you're not kicking yourself for missing them when you get home!)
There are so many ways you can turbo charge your business with live tweeting at events.

This is how I grow my own business, and got a name for myself in the world of social media.

And I delve into all the details in this brand new Social Media Examiner post!

#Twittertips #livetweeting #smm
Do you want to get more out of the events you attend? In this article you'll discover six ways live-tweeting can benefit your business.
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Cheers +Amy Harrison !! :)
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Amy Harrison

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Night in a hotel before flying out to Nashville for a mastermind retreat, just time for a quick promotion...

Really looking forward to calling in for this on Thursday with +Kathy Klotz-Guest 
I am Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping it Human, coming to you live from San Jose, CA, in Silicon Valley. This show normally airs Thursdays at 3:30 PM PDT. We help business and marketing executives and their teams humanize what they do by telling their most important company, product and customer stories to the world. This podcast is all about making marketing more human and effective. We are a jargon-monoxide-poisoning free zone. Leave a com...
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Be ace to have you there +Marilyn Ritter! :-) 
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Amy Harrison

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The fab +Kevin Duncan was a special guest on the podcast this week. He tells you (in his awesome radio voice) why the power of storytelling is so important in connecting to your audience via content. 
9 Story Themes That Can Make Your Business Content Captivating

The amazing +Amy Harrison invited me to be on her #HitPublish podcast -- one of the many excellent podcasts over at +Copyblogger's

The theme? Stories and how online marketers can use them to captivate readers.

It was a great honor to be featured alongside +Joe Pulizzi and +Pamela Wilson, and I'd be remiss if I didn't tag +Jon Morrow, +Brian Clark, and +Syed Balkhi since I gave them shout outs.

Here's my favorite quote from the segment:

"It doesn't matter how helpful or valuable your information may be. If you can't present it in an enticing way, people aren't going to care about it. You might as well be reading them the cleaning instructions for a microwave oven."

Listen to the whole thing here:

Pin it for later by clicking here:

#podcast #rainmaker #storytelling #beabetterblogger
Today we are harnessing the power of publications that pull in millions of readers every single day and asking — how do they do it? How do media organisations like newspapers present information in a way that gets people’s attention time after time? The answer lies in the powerful story angles and themes that piquePlay Episode
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Thanks again for having me on, +Amy Harrison! It was a huge thrill. I'm still a bit shocked you asked me. :-)
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"I don't speak blah blah blah!" Love it.

Amy Harrison

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Absolutely LOVE this from +Kathy Klotz-Guest "Can I leverage your toy??"
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Glad you enjoyed it Frank Scarpaci!

Amy Harrison

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A detailed (and useful post) from +Craig McBreen  not only about why you need to blog, but also how to get started
"Your budding startup needs to start blogging, but there’s a problem …


Yep, many of the companies I work with have a fear of marketing and it relates to cash. This is because traditional marketing is expensive.

You may have hired someone to help with web design, copywriting, and overall branding, but paying a professional to build (and run) a long-term campaign? You don’t want to make that investment, do you?

I get it, traditional marketing is pricey and if it’s done poorly you might as well be flushing those greenbacks down the commode.

So, what is the answer? Read today's post and let me know what you think…
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Thanks, +Amy Harrison Had fun writing that one!
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Amy Harrison

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Today I'm over on +Big Brand System with some super-practical copywriting tips for winning over customers and building rock-solid trust. 
Discover the copywriting secret that is a simple way to convince your prospects your business understands them.
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Saying NO to Boring Business Content

I am a copywriter, content-trainer, speaker and filmmaker teaching businesses how to avoid drab business content and write copy customers love to read.

Apparently I have a "cultish" personality (no, I didn't mishear), mostly due to the launch of AmyTV and my enthusiasm to break down the complexities of engaging writing into easy-to-apply exercises.

I provide workshops for businesses around the world teaching employees from all backgrounds (not just sales and marketing) to write content that gets attention. From customer service representatives, account managers and project managers, every employee has the potential to create content that attracts, persuades and converts readers into customers.

The training is based on The 5 Pillars of Powerful Content:


Most businesses can identify their ideal client, but what details about them do you need to include in your content? Some marketing theories encourage businesses to collate hazy details, such as the car your customer drives which can cause confusion (how do you change your writing for a Volvo driver to a Volkswagen driver?) These workshops help you pin down concrete details you know about your target market, showing you how to use simple data to connect with your audience in seconds.


Outlining the real problems you solve for your customer is a rich resource for content that gets attention. Your business is far more valuable than the service you offer. There are deeper frustrations, uncertainties and concerns that you eliminate when working with your customer. Identify these and you position your business as one that not only understands their problems, but as one that is equipped to solve them.


What do you promise in addition to solving a problem? How do you impact your customer’s life in a way that makes you indispensable? Do you increase sales, boost visibility or improve efficiencies? If so, what are the other positive knock-on effects from these results? In the workshops attendees get to discuss and identify the variety of benefits your business offers to customers. We then look at different ways to make this value proposition shine through in your content.  


Every business is built on the value of its product or service. Attendees learn how to communicate clearly what the business has to offer describe the experience so that it is easy to visualise. By eliminating ambiguity and buzzwords, customers know exactly what to expect (and love) when they engage with your business.

Powerful writing

The final stage of the workshops is learning how to write about all of these details in a way that commands attention from your target market. Attendees understand how to turn even the driest of topics into page-turning content, and how to use copywriting techniques to craft online content that gets attention is easy-to-read and works hard to persuade the reader to take action.

My history in the battle against boring content...

Training as a film and TV screenwriter

For 3 years I studied under professional UK screenwriters to learn and apply the art of writing dramatic stories for the screen. From short-films, 60 minute dramas and feature length work I used character development, story arcs and viewer psychology to create page-turning narratives. The foundation of classical storytelling is a key component of the workshops. Attendees understand what triggers, elements and techniques can be used to capture and keep a reader’s attention.  

Workshops in more than 15 countries around the world

I've trained employees from the UK, US, Canada, Europe and the United Arab Emirates and so far my live workshops have a 100% recommendation rate. I've often delivered workshops where English is not the first language, and developed practical exercises and illustrations that can be replicated across languages and cultures. The workshops have trained people from marketing and communication backgrounds to those just starting the journey of writing content for publication. Popular workshop topics include:

  • Copywriting and persuasive sales writing

  • Clear and consistent website content

  • Blogging for business

  • Writing for social media  

Real-life copywriting experience for international clients

Since 2008 I have been writing sales copy for clients including best-selling authors, coaches and consultants. I've also written messaging and positioning content for marketing agencies serving the medical, retail, military and technology industries. The techniques taught in the workshops are the same ones I use when writing copy for clients.

Commentator for the media, conferences and interviews

At times, I'm called on as an 'expert' to comment on the topics of persuasive writing, what makes content compelling and using humour in marketing. I'm a regular lunchtime guest on BBC radio for light-hearted discussions about the latest news. I was also selected from 3,300 candidates to fly to Austin, Texas and tackle the taboo of women using humour in marketing for SXSW Interactive conference.

AmyTV: Humour marketing

In 2013 AmyTV launched. It's a comedic online TV series that uses humour to illustrate key lessons of creating compelling content.  The series has featured works and advice from key marketing and sales experts including Tim Reisterer from Corporate Visions and Martin Shervington from Plus Your Business.

Expert contributor to authority content sites

Finally, I've written extensively online about the subject of creating compelling content. I've been lucky enough to write for high-profile authority sites including: Copyblogger, Problogger, Duct Tape Marketing, Women Unlimited and more.

To find out how your business can Say NO to Boring Business Content, get in touch through Google+ or on the contact details on my profile.  

Bragging rights
I have slightly faster than normal reflexes. I probably couldn't save your life with them, but if you suddenly dropped a trifle, I'd bet on me to catch it before it hit the floor.
  • Bournemouth University
    Scriptwriting for Film and TV, 2001 - 2004
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Teaching businesses to say NO to boring content
Copywriter, content trainer, speaker, film-maker
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    Founder, 2008 - present
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Not even with them, but just been met at the door with a very aggressive, rude man telling me "I'm here to take the charge off your smart meter" I asked who he was from and he said economy energy "you've got a 40p charge and I need to take it off. I explained I didn't know his company and he just interrupted me saying "have you got a smart meter?" like I was stupid. I replied that I had (as we do with British Gas). "Well then I have to come in and take the charge off." I explained calmly that I had no idea who his company was and that I was with British Gas. "Not Utilita" he barked. I Said no and then he just shrugged, walked off saying "you won't have any charges then." Can't believe how his incompetency and mistake turned into such aggressive behaviour trying to get into my flat on the assumption I didn't know what I was talking about. I would be very worried if people like this were knocking on the doors of those who are more vulnerable.
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Really don't understand the bad reviews about this place. I'm very fussy about my teeth and used to travel hundreds of miles to see the private dentist I'd been with for years near where I grew up. I decided to finally register with a dentist in Brighton. My fear was that a new dentist would recommend work I didn't need doing. One dentist I visited before Trafalgar street did in fact do this. After my husband registered with Trafalgar street he was so impressed with the help they gave him for some emergency dental work that I decided to try it out too. I see Neil Evans. The receptionist is always polite, it's simple to get an appointment and I'm really happy with the service. For an NHS dentist in central Brighton it's great!
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Fly Creative create professional work that gets noticed for the right reasons. Smart, classy video work makes your business look super professional, and raises your value massively in the eyes of your potential customers.
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After having years of nightmare hairdressing experiences I finally found Anita at The Point. She really listened, she understood that my hair has quite a curl to it and she really studied what would suit the shape of my face as I have to have a fringe. She was the first hairdresser that gave me the confidence to go really short and for the first time and getting a colour. I started enjoying going to the hairdressers! Can highly recommend her.
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Fly Creative are very talented and because their work is based on what they love, they really pay attention to the details that matter. Can highly recommend Jon and his team!
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