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Sooooo... this is what 40 looks like when it just wakes up... with bedhead... and three mini ninjas screaming happy birthday mommy...

I have a feeling this is going to be a very very very good year. ♥
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Happy Birthday to you! That's an excellent 40.
happy birthday Amy ... so glad to know you .... and btw you definitely look like 29 and not one day older ;) xxx
+Amy Gabriel Happy, Happy Birthday! Many more birthdays to come! And enjoy your Special Day! Nice pix, BTW! Take care!
+Thorn Button i didn't think it was possible to adore you more... lol thanks my dear friend ♥
Happy birthday Amy, and stop adding 10 years to your age ;) x
Good morning to you is always fun
Happy Holiday to you
+Amy Gabriel Not too shabby, not at all < winking > Felicitations on the anniversary of your arrival!
40yr olds are always sexier than 20yr look fantastic
You are a fabulous forty. Enjoy it.
This is when the eyes go, can you say pass the reading glasses.
You are just getting started hot mama! Happy Birthday!
40 looks good on you. Happy birthday!
I should elaborate on that last comment. You do not look 40. You look much younger.
Happy Birthday! Starting every day with that attitude will make this year awesome! Enjoy every minute of it!
happy birthday...and a great pic, even if it is bedhead. :)
Happy birthday and keep in mind you are now equivalent to two 20 year olds.
Happy birthday and keep in mind you are now equivalent to two 20 year olds.
Happy birthday,Amy. Hope u always be happy !! By the way, I love ur mini ninjas :-P :-P
U look awesome! Have a fantastic birth day...
Happy 40th! That certainly looks like a better 40 than the one I saw in the mirror back in November. Consider yourself lucky! :-)
Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous at 40. :^)
As you have heard or read all day HAPPY BIRTHDAY. But I have to ask did you go to sleep outside or just get up and go out there for a great picture
Morning coffee is always on the front porch. And thank you blush
Happy Birthday!. Look awesome as usual.
Happy Birthday! Time is obviously your friend!
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