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okay i've never shared ANY of my circles... but i got into a conversation with a gentleman about people who actively engage with ME... so +Tim Howell here are some of my favorite folks.

i prune my circles. i take it very seriously. this is NOT facebook. where one should get offended if they're not circled back. this is ALL about content you want in YOUR isle of view.

this is one of two. these two circles are folks that rock my world... fill my stream with interest, excitement, intelligence, and fun... oh yeah and no matter how famous they are, if they dig what you say? they talk back i.e. interact.

This is my EPIC COOL circle
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Yeah, we talk back alright +Amy Gabriel. One of these days our momma is gonna slap us for it too ;)

(And thanks :)
+Amy Gabriel you are in my top circles too! I take my circles very seriously too they get weeded like a graden every 2 weeks! I think shared circles really help new people get best content available in their streams
It's amazing how people easily forget the others that helped build them up in the beginning.
oh i'm not gonna fight with you Dan. not even gonna bite.
+Amy Gabriel of course've been in 6, count them 6 of my shared circles..... of course not..don't fight ..not worth
all you've done is chastise the way i've interacted here Dan. you're pretty good at telling me what i'm doing wrong.

i figured you de-circled me long ago since i don't meet your standards.
+Amy Gabriel I think I love you! No wonder your blog is called Sassifiable! sassy and feisty! just like me! btw I love your articles on Mediatapper
+Amy Gabriel obviously you don't understand the concept of "live and let go". You keep problems alive and well rather than just letting them slide. Like I said, you've benefitted tremendously from my circle shares DESPITE the fact that we've not always agreed. What's that say?

At least you put my 10.5 page in
+Dan Perkins it's not butthurt. I will point out hypocrites whenever I see them :)
maybe you're in your own circle Dan.

and i can't recall one time where you've said something kind to me or interacted with me on a personal level besides that I "share and run" or am in some other way not doing it right.

no hard feelings actually... i just figured i wasn't your cup of tea.
+Dan Perkins knew there was a reason I circled you a few weeks ago! Why can't we all just get along?
and again you say... I don't understand.

a person can only hear they're doing things wrong so many times.
+Amy Gabriel Oh, I see. My bad. I didn't realize this circle was about only people who agree with you and kiss ass. I could have sworn it was about active engagers. My bad.

As I said. I may not agree with some of what you do or post but, when I've shared active engagers circles, you've been in each one; regardless of the issues.
it's people who actively engage with ME. that's what G+ is yes? my experience here? my perception? my experience?

and lol @ kiss ass.
+Amy Gabriel No it's people who actively engage with you in ways you agree. Engagement has no boundaries. It's interaction. I've shared many people who don't necessarily agree with but they make great people to engage with and debate.
Since we're conversing in an intangible realm here, I feel pretty confident in saying that there's room for all egos concerned. Regardless of how intelligent and witty and quirky and interesting and just plain downright sexy we all are, some of us simply won't get along. And that's ok. So let's keep it civil and quit wasting time and get back to the fun stuff. Deal?
engagement is interaction. back AND forth. NOT dictating what I'm doing as wrong OR right. you don't like me... great. don't like the way i share... fine.

you have a right to say so but i have a right to NOT have to see/hear it.

i've not had that with you. and obviously you care about who circles you a helluva lot more than i do.

and please take me out of any of your circles.
+Amy Gabriel & +Dan Soto - I believe the problem here is a matter of perspective. Dan Soto sees a circle of Engagers to mean anyone that engages on a regular basis. Amy Gabriel sees it as anyone that engages in a positive fashion on a regular basis. The problem then is based in perception as reality. Dan Soto sees his engagement as a positive thing, likely because any engagement is better than no engagement. Amy Gabriel, however, sees his engagement as a negative thing - "a person can only hear they're doing things wrong so many times." - and thus not something she wishes to share along to others.

I think that just as we all have to understand that we use different standards of measurement to decide who we Circle or Circle-back, we similarly use different standards to decide who we are going to Share - and thus promote - with others.

Of course, this is why I only share circles upon request, and don't get too crazy about who is or is not following me.
+Amy Gabriel nevermind. You're not capable of understanding :) Oh, and, did bite.
+Joshua Jones I feel it should be positive interaction as well my mom taught me if you cant say anything nice don't say anything at all
Wow, thanks for including me +Amy Gabriel. I feel privileged :)

How are you feeling with your time off for healing?
awww +Sarah King i really like interacting with you here... i'm okay... had a really bad morning with pain but i'm getting better ... thanks so much for asking :)
+stephanie wanamaker I hear you on that point, but sometimes there is a net positive after an intense debate, even if the parties involved don't agree. Personally, I'd prefer that over a big "I'm ok, you're ok" session where nobody is really pushed or changed by the experience.
No problem, keep us posted. Also, I added the poetry page on here that you mentioned earlier. I may even try for a poem a day with you. April is one of my favorite months :) Full of inspiration!
+Dan Perkins I am all for healthy debate just have to look at my posts to see that don't mind disagreement in a respectful manner but trolling and spamming a no no and also people who tell people they are using G + wrong there is no hardcore training manual
+Joshua Jones thank you for your approach however i disagree with many folks here in a healthful and intelligent way... producing many interesting debates and interactions.

interaction is a TWO way street. that is my only definition. and ummm really why would i WANT to be around folks who consistently have told me that I'm using G+ wrong?

and really? feelings hurt over not being shared in a circle?
and i know i bit... i'm a sucker. blame it on the pain meds.
Ya, I'm not sure of the hurt feelings. G+ is about having your own experience, and making the most of it being enjoyable for you. If you feel like you would like to share a circle with others, you will do it in a way that says "These people have made my experience enjoyable and I would like to share them with you". From there, those people decided how they wish to take that circle. I go through and randomly select people, check their page, and if I feel they could also contribute to my experience on G+ in a positive manner, I will then circle them (even if that positiveness only comes from me commenting on their posts, and not returning the favor).

There are a lot of shared circles in which I am not included. I am ok with that. It definitely does not hurt my feelings.
+Amy Gabriel - Disagreements are only natural, it is all in how we handle them. Intelligent discussion based on a disagreement is not a bad thing by any means - hell, that's the basis of a good conversation. I can definitely understand how being told that "you're doing it wrong" is hard to see as interaction.

My point is that if you are getting more positive than negative from your experience on Google+, then you can't be doing it wrong. You may be using the site in a completely different way than everybody else, but if you're having a good time, then you're not doing it wrong.

It is all a matter of perspective, and circles designed to promote "heavy engagers" or "intelligent posters" are inevitably tinted by the sharer's opinions and perspective. So it's just not something that can successfully be debated because there's no core truth to be found.
i like the way you phrased that +Joshua Jones... and i was sharing this circle for a friend and specifically delineated that they were a circle of people who engaged with ME... i have another circle called "totally too cool to circle me back but i dig their content so i don't mind" circle. ;)

i'm not all that hyper sensitive but mr. soto has been one to tell me on numerous occasions what i'm doing wrong here. he's free to tell me so but i'm also free to NOT listen.

thanks for the thought provoking and insightful feedback Joshua :)
Amy, I know you are on meds, and I rarely try to give this kind of advice ... let's just say that banging your forehead on a pinhead will only hurt you...we're walking ... we're walking
Thanks +Amy Gabriel I sincerely appreciate being in this circle. You know I am a fan and admire your work, to be included here is quite the compliment. Thanks so very much
I am so behind on all this google pus and minusing. I enjoy it actually. I can come a day or so behind and right the wrong side of the accounting and only the careful people respond or nod. Akin to burying money post The Great Depression. I have nothing brilliant to say this time. Oddly. Brilliant question to ask though, Who the fuck is Dan zoto?
+Jscott Mays you are in my love circle. I don't share that because I'm greedy.

and lulz @ zoto
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