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Have you wondered why the campaign to save the SSDI is "Stop Identity Theft NOW" and not "Save the SSDI"? The Records Preservation and Access Committee (RPAC) has put together a FAQ page that address that and several other questions about the campaign that seeks to save public access to the Social Security Death Index.
SSDI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) Record Preservation and Access Committee. 1. I'm having trouble signing the petition; how can I resolve this issue? IMPORTANT: Step-by-step instructions...
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I'm afraid a lot of people think they signed it but really did not. I tried several times yesterday and even though I was showing as signed in on the site, the "Sign the Petition" button was grayed out. At first I thought that meant I'd signed it but I couldn't find my name on the list. Finally today when I tried again, the button was active and I actually signed it.
I think that's why they put "How to sign" at the very top of the FAQ page. A lot of people are having trouble with the "Sign Petition" staying greyed out even after they've signed in or created an account. NOTE: If you're having this problem, close your browser and reopen it. That seems to do the trick.
And then write, call, email - contact - your congressmen and the committee members. The petition is only one step, NOT the only step.
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