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Anyone having problems with Facebook pages related to viewing the page's newsfeeed. I wash helping create a page for a department through that person's personal account and once the page was created it didn't offer an option to fully switch to acting as that page. In fact the pull down arrow to "Use Facebook as" wasn't even an option. The newsfeed she sees is her own. She can still post to the page as the page, but she can't fully engage with other like-minded pages.

Looking for best practices for engagement via social media to share with a group of people on campus who oversee social media accounts for their dept/program. Many admit to not being very savvy in the area; the task was just given to them.
I'm thinking the first meeting would be to go over the social media policy/guidelines that I've been fine-tuning, but I know they're going to want to hear from me how to gain more followers. I plan to talk about cross promotion, engaging with other accounts, but also providing content that will be of interest and valuable to their audience, but I'd love to hear from you what tips you have to share .
And if you've lead such a meeting before and continue to, what are some agenda items you cover?

Hi everyone, I was wondering who has a social media policy for your campus - one that lays out that social media use follows same university laws, rules of conduct etc. If so, would anyone mind sharing the link, and also if your legal team reviewed it or it was approved by committee. We have a policy but it was pulled together quickly in 2011 and is in need of revision. Thanks!

Anyone having problems sharing posts of others to the campus Facebook page they administer? When I do I get a message that says "Amy Bentley-Smith doesn't allow people to post on their Timeline. You can try sending this as a message instead." and the heading of the box that says this says "timeline posts are off" but they aren't. just started happening today.

Anyone using Yik Yak for their university. I've posted a couple of "public service announcements" but otherwise have just monitored the activity.

This may be more general university communications questions but... has anyone developed/implemented a student-centric communications campaign where communications interns created videos, web pages, social media sites, etc. with the aim of building greater awareness of student services/academic resources on campus? Examples?

I did a quick browse of the post topics and didn't see one regarding social media campaigns during freshmen orientation, move-in day, or first week/welcome week. Anyone have any fun ways they have promoted their social media sites during the start of an academic year?

I too have been remiss in introducing myself. I work at California State University, Dominguez Hills in its Office of University Communications and Public Affairs. I have been overseeing the university's social media presence since 2007. Social media is only one of my responsibilities, and as a result I am not as strategic as I want to be, and only keep up with the trends when I have down time. I'm trying to carve out scheduled time to stay up-to-date. Right now we're mostly active on Facebook, second Twitter, third Instagram, and to some degree we're on Pinterest and Linkedin.

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+ZAGAT is conducting a 12 days of Foodie cheer holiday photo contest. I entered this one I took of my mother-in-law's cookies, and plan to look for other pictures I've taken of food during the holiday. Why not...

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HELL to the YEAH! Be sure to watch the video too. Best quote: "This is 'going green' 1949 style, bitch" LOVE it!
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