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World Traveler-Damn Good Cook-Educator seeking new adventures
World Traveler-Damn Good Cook-Educator seeking new adventures
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I know Jordan's Lost City of Petra is on our Family Travel Bucket List. Afterall, you know it's one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Take a moment to read this excellent article "The Complete Guide of What to See in Petra with Kids". It's fantastic!

h/t +Wandering Wagars

#Jordan #Petra #TBIN #7wondersoftheworld
There is no place in the middle eastern country of Jordan that is more iconic than the ancient city of Petra. Petra made the list as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Also, it has become somewhat of a media icon, appearing in movies such as Indiana…

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25 Tips for Your First Trip to Washington, DC. Even if you've visited America's capital city, these are worth reading.

h/t +Brianna Simmons of +The Casual Travelist

#travel #washingtondc #America #TBIN 
Once known best for monuments and museums, the White House and the Capitol; Washington DC has shed it’s formerly buttoned up reputation to become one of the most dynamic cities in the country. A visit to the American capital today finds eclectic neighborhoods, an ever-changing roster of cultural events and one of the most exciting food scenes in the world. Here are a few tips to help plan your first trip to Washington DC.

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Planning a trip to Death Valley? Here is an insider's look, including 20 stellar images and expert tips on planning a trip to this iconic American National Park.

h/t +Noel Morata

#DeathValley #California #DeathValleyNationalPark #landscapephotography #TBIN
Death Valley National Park

Such an expansive park and filled with amazing terrain and varied landscape, Death Valley is a vast park to explore. I'm fascinated by the beautiful rock formations and colorful striations, desert sand dunes and salt flats, it really is spectacular. I'm sharing some of my favorite short hikes on this post and 20 of my photographs that really give you a sense of place in this park. Enjoy and hope you visit Death Valley National Park in California.

#DeathValley #California #DeathValleyNationalPark #landscapephotography #tbin

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Don't miss the inaugural TBINChat Twitter Party. With a terrific lineup and a fresh topic, it's sure to be fun!

#TBIN #TBINChat #DefineYourLuxury

Details below...

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Nothin' better than a tantalizing taste of Thai cuisine. Thai Silk Southwark is authentic, affordable and proximate to the Southwark tube, the Tate Modern and other tourist sights on the South Bank.

Full article here:

h/t +just go places

#Thai #food #TBIN #London
Authentic and affordable Thai cuisine in Southwark London - Thai Silk Southwark is well located for Southwark tube, the Tate Modern and other tourist sights on the South Bank.

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Family Travel is such a gift. Check out +Wandering Wagars' trip to Punta Tombo, Argentina.
Can you guess who they visited? Penguins!
Caution: Baby Penguins may cause both children and adults to giggle and smile. :)

h/t +Wandering Wagars

#travel #familytravel #TBIN #Argentina #penguins
Our kids are OBSESSED with penguins. They have penguin stuffies, penguin books, and penguin games. So when C turned 5 and we asked him where we should travel to that year, we were not surprised when he screamed out “PENGUINS” at the top of his lungs! That…

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What is your favourite Easter tradition?
Take a peek at these Easter traditions from around the world...

h/t +Noel Morata

#Easter #tradition #TBIN #travel
Easter desserts and foods from around the world

Here are some fantastic specialty foods and Eastern dessert recipes and entrees from around the world that are easy to follow and have a wow factor for your upcoming holiday meal or gathering.

#tbin #easter #easterfoods #foodie

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Napa Valley has something for everyone. At the very least, spending time in the valley offers a respite from the bustle of day-to-day life.

Check out the details of +Travel Photo Discovery's recent Napa Valley vacation, and see more gorgeous images in the post below...

#tbin #Napa #Wine #travelphotography
Napa Valley vacation getaway I love the Napa wine country since it’s a quick get away from the hectic world and urban environment of the Bay Area. There are so many things to do in Napa, but for me it’s basically about personal preferences and things I like to do like visiting small towns that make a road trip through the Valley so fascinating. Check out the details and more images in the post below

#tbin #Napa #Wine #travelphotography

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Time to take out the 'ole Bucket List, folks! Here are the best USA Road Trips from seasoned travel bloggers across America. Enjoy!

#tbin #roadtrips #travelphotography #travel #USA
Check out these wonderful road trips around the USA from travel bloggers favorite road trips around America

#tbin #roadtrips #travelphotography #travel

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Geek out over Reading Level Resource Guide? Yep. This is what we excellent Reading Specialists do.

#reading #readingspecialist #education #readinglevel
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