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Amy Askin, MAEd
Travel Professional-Presenter-Digital Strategist-Podcaster-Freelancer-Educator at Amy Guides™
Travel Professional-Presenter-Digital Strategist-Podcaster-Freelancer-Educator at Amy Guides™

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How to spend a romantic weekend in Bristol, England from our favourite local expert, +Heather Cowper.

#Bristol #England #travel #getaway #cityscape
New How to spend a Romantic weekend in #Bristol - as a longtime resident of Bristol let me show you the places couples visiting Bristol will enjoy

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Gosh, I love Betty White. She's a testament to how a strong wit, and undying sense of humor and a bit of humility can help one live a long, fulfilling life.

h/t +Guy Kawasaki for sharing

#BettyWhite #comedy #entertainment
Betty White Reveals Her Secrets for Living a Long Life — Vodka and Hot Dogs Included

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Excited to be heading to TBEX-Europe in gorgeous Killarney, Ireland next week! Will you or a Travel Guru you know be there?

#TBEX #TBEXEurope2017 #travel #travelblogger #Ireland

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If you love Tex Mex and you're in Biloxi, Mississippi, check out Baja Beach. Hey, any restaurant who combines terrific seafood with Tex Mex is A-OK in this gal's Foodie Book. Right?! Yum Yum.

#TBIN #TexMex #seafood #foodie

h/t +Wherever I May Roam

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Enjoy this brilliant, beautiful and extensive guide to planning your holiday to the Maldives.🏖️
#Maldives #travel #TBIN #beach

h/t +Vicki Louise

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If you're looking for sun and fun in Southern Florida, check out this fantastic guide for a road trip from Miami through the Florida Keys.
Oh, the pictures...

h/t +Noel Morata of Photo Travel Discovery

#TBIN #Florida #FloridaKeys #Miami #roadtrip
A Miami to Key West Road Trip
One of the most scenic road trips to do in Florida is the trip through the Florida Keys starting from Miami and driving through the chain of islands to the end at Key West. Check out my post below of the top attractions, landmarks and must do activities or sites to visit on each island.

#Florida #travelphotography #tbin #visitFlorida
Miami to Key West road trip
Miami to Key West road trip

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TRAVEL // Visit Keukenhof in The Netherlands
Truly Europe's loveliest Springtime Garden, the Keukenhof ("Kitchen Garden") is a Must-See during any Spring visit to Holland. The open season begins the 3rd week of March and runs through the 3rd week of May each year. Here are our 7 Tips for Your Visit to Keukenhof. Enjoy!

#BelovedAtmosphere #TBIN #Keukenhof #Holland #flowers

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I know Jordan's Lost City of Petra is on our Family Travel Bucket List. Afterall, you know it's one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Take a moment to read this excellent article "The Complete Guide of What to See in Petra with Kids". It's fantastic!

h/t +Wandering Wagars

#Jordan #Petra #TBIN #7wondersoftheworld
There is no place in the middle eastern country of Jordan that is more iconic than the ancient city of Petra. Petra made the list as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Also, it has become somewhat of a media icon, appearing in movies such as Indiana…

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25 Tips for Your First Trip to Washington, DC. Even if you've visited America's capital city, these are worth reading.

h/t +Brianna Simmons of +The Casual Travelist

#travel #washingtondc #America #TBIN
Once known best for monuments and museums, the White House and the Capitol; Washington DC has shed it’s formerly buttoned up reputation to become one of the most dynamic cities in the country. A visit to the American capital today finds eclectic neighborhoods, an ever-changing roster of cultural events and one of the most exciting food scenes in the world. Here are a few tips to help plan your first trip to Washington DC.
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