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Amy Anuszewski
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Attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
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Software Developer with a new-found passion for knitting
By day, I am a software developer for small company that sells a product designed to help sleep labs run more efficiently.  By night, I am diving head-first into my newest hobby - knitting.  
  • Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
    Mathematics, 1994 - 1997
  • Reading Area Community College
  • Midwestern State University
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Amy Murphy, Amy Kharboutly
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Web Application Developer
  • SleepEx
    Director of Software Development, present
  • Wizehive
    Developer, 2013 - 2014
  • GAC
  • DRS Communications
  • Directlink Technology
  • Reading Eagle
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Conshohocken, PA
Wichita Falls, Texas - Mansoura, Egypt - Jackson, New Jersey - Winweiller, Germany - Reading, PA


Amy Anuszewski

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The year-long wait is over as Peter Capaldi returns to the time-travelling sci-fi classic
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Amy Anuszewski

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Being a part of Doctor Who can significantly change the lives of those involved. That was definitely the case with Billie Piper. Life was a lot different ...
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Amy Anuszewski

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Every time a doctor is going to regenerate, I hate it. I always love the doctor I have, and fear the doctor to come. Then, I end up loving the new doctor. You'd think I'd stop dreading these changes. Nope. Still hate the idea.
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Amy Anuszewski

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The Doctor Who Christmas special is a holiday tradition for quite a few families. Peter Capaldi is no exception. Obviously, since becoming the Doctor, it ...
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Amy Anuszewski

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Is it just us or does the Time Lord love to swap faces with his friends and foes?
Chris Harpner (CSharpner)'s profile photo
2 Well, considering he frequently meets up with his future selves, that would be unavoidable.
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Amy Anuszewski

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Don't know that I'll go this year. I generally enjoy these events - it's fun to watch the show with 'our people'. But, I'm not overly enthusiastic about the Christmas special this year.
One of the best things about being a Doctor Who fan—especially the last several years here in North America—is being able to snuggle in on a fine Christmas Day and watch a brand new episode of the series with your whole family. Or, if you're me, you sit in your mom's guest room and watch the special on your laptop because you will not be deterred by family get-togethers! But you can add a new way to watch the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special to ...
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Amy Anuszewski

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Eddie Redmayne says he would like to play The Doctor. I'm not familiar with the actor. Would he be any good?
The Fantastic Beasts actor has a busy schedule, but he'll make time for the Tardis
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Amy Anuszewski

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Any actor who tackles the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who faces a lot of pressure when it comes to anchoring such a long-running series. Matt Smith gave his successor some solid advice when he passed the torch.
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