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May you always have a friend with the wisdom to build you a nest when you need one.
Parenting without punishment
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Drop me a line sometime lemme know how you're doing.
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Amrika Ranjitsingh

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‘Almost all houses were destroyed, many are totally damaged. Only a few are left standing,’ 
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#RorschachDoodle I see... a bat
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i see paddycakes!
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Amrika Ranjitsingh

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Today in Geek History: It's NaNoWriMo time! Ready. Set. WRITE!
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Amrika Ranjitsingh

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Because we should all take advice from the oatmeal
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Have her in circles
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Amrika Ranjitsingh

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You are beautiful Argentina! 
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Amrika Ranjitsingh

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Just started Andromeda Strain and now got to the part after the first of these surgeries have been done on a human.

This book was first published by Michael Crichton on May 12th 1969.

Science catching up with science fiction :-)
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Yes the book was good. enjoy
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Amrika Ranjitsingh

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looking forward to seeing this :-)
Comet ISON Path through November 2013

The second week of this month, the comet is expected to brighten enough that it will finally come within the range of unassisted human eyes from a dark site.
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Amrika Ranjitsingh

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See!!! This is what I've been saying all along!!
Extremely advanced alien stealth technology
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Can't wait to get into bed and start this ^_^

I just cant seem to get this kind of joy from ebooks

#books #raybradbury 
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Have her in circles
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yep. i got skills.
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no limit to learning

(I think my friends might be weird  O.o )

i find science, violins, space, logic puzzles and the number 42 fascinating. i read almost anything and love cooking for the people i love. 

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