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Streamlined Modeling for Real-World Optimization
Streamlined Modeling for Real-World Optimization

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AMPL API 1.0 released

Release 1.0 of our Application Programming Interface, AMPL API, is now available for Java and MATLAB.  AMPL API provides an object-oriented callable library that lets you access AMPL models and run AMPL commands from external programs.  Data and results can be exchanged directly and efficiently between AMPL's model entities and the external language’s data structures. Uses include:

    -- Programming complex algorithmic schemes
    -- Embedding AMPL in enterprise applications
    -- Deployment of AMPL models

AMPL API is an add-on to that you can obtain by following our API download instructions.   

Any previously purchased AMPL installation can use AMPL API 1.0, provided that its maintenance & support service extends through 30 March 2015 or later.  (Start AMPL with "ampl -v" or use the command "option version;" within AMPL to see the maintenance status of your current AMPL software; please contact us at if you need assistance or a quote for reinstatement of maintenance.)  AMPL API also works with any trial license, and with any temporary version of AMPL distributed under the AMPL for Courses program.

A C++ API for AMPL is nearing completion and will be available this spring.  Versions for R, Python, and .NET (VB and C#) are also planned.

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New release of open-source AMPL solvers and libraries

* Gecode 4.4.0
* Clp 1.16.4
* Cbc 2.9.3
* Ipopt 3.12.1
* Bonmin 1.8.1
* Couenne 0.5.3

See Release Notes for more details.

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Did you know that GitHub Flavored Markdown supports syntax highlighting of AMPL code?

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We are pleased to announce AMPL support for recent new releases of popular MIP solvers that we distribute:

   CPLEX for AMPL 12.6.1
   Gurobi for AMPL 6.0
   Xpress for AMPL 7.8 (27)

These new versions are now available through the solver links at our download site,  If you do not see the links after logging into our download site, your maintenance & support service or trial license may have expired; please contact us at for assistance.

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We are pleased to announce the release of version 6.0 of Gurobi for AMPL. Details of new features and enhancements can be found at's-new-in-v6.0

Log in at to download this version.  It will work with any license that is up-to-date on maintenance, or any trial license, and will also be included in future AMPL for Courses bundles.  If you'd like to compare it to the previous version on your problems, rename your old gurobi (Windows gurobi.exe) executable to gurobi56 (Windows gurobi56.exe) and then use "option solver gurobi56;" to select it; use "option solver gurobi;" to select the new version.

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