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+OnePlus managed to get both languages in Belgium correct the first time. Impressive (compared to other vendors)! I wasn't expecting availability in BE.... so I will buy one for sure. 
Bonjour la Belgique! Hallo België! The OnePlus One will be available in your country for under 350€! Join the forums and share your love for the One in French or Dutch -> &
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Missing lte frequency 13 and 20 for france it'll be a no go xD
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Interesting results of the heartbleed SSL vulnerability mass tested against the Alexa top 10,000 :

No SSL: 5683
Vulnerable: 628
Not vulnerable: 3689
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here's an alphabetically sorted list of the vulnerable ones:
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That looks... messy... tape everywhere... :-(

iFixIt gave the HTC One M8 a repairability Score of 2 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair) :
Holy cow! What's with all the connectors and tape? Shows cancelled. I quit on this one.
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Wireless charging?
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Take notes +Samsung Mobile
Why Samsung and Touchwiz have gone too far

I want to first start off by saying that I’m not going to comment on the “laggy” interface that some people think exists, whether for real or just a figment of their imagination. I’m not going to comment on their apparent want to replace Google apps with all of their own. I’m not going to comment on what some would call “bloat” included with their ROM, growing it to astronomical sizes compared to other ROMs available.

What I am going to comment on is, from a developer’s point of view, what no company should be doing to Android.

In my opinion, it’s impossible for one company to bring about all of the change and innovation that users want to see in a platform. Google does an amazing job creating and shaping Android to what it thinks will make for the fastest, most stable, visually appealing mobile operating system on the market, but after that there are still a ton of ideas that others still have to make something all around better. Samsung does well with this, capitalizing on what Google or other manufacturers have already done and, in most cases, making it better. But it’s when they try and go too far and reshape the entire operating system – that’s where they start to run into issues.

First up: their multiwindow implementation. Yeah, it’s great… I can put two different things on my screen at once, multitasking at its finest. The problem with this though, is that it’s breaking things that otherwise wouldn’t be broken. 

In my app, EvolveSMS, I’ve implemented a popup much like Paranoid Android’s halo popup, just a windowed version of the full app. I had also added multiwindow to the app for Samsung devices because I wanted to adopt for everyone’s preferences. Now, I don’t use Samsung products ever, prefer HTC and LG myself, so I was very surprised to find that the popup wasn’t working correctly for everyone when I first released the app – I had never had issues with it. The common denominator between all of the problems: Touchwiz. +Luke Klinker and I had also just released Talon for Twitter which used the same implementation of popups as EvolveSMS did, but it did not have multiwindow enabled and its popups worked as they should. Evolve’s popups on the other hand, were just opening as the full screen app, serving to confuse a lot of customers who were expecting the popup to show when they got a new message, not the full app. I got countless emails – “I hate the popup, why is it just the stupid full app?”, “Not a very good popup you’ve got going there…”, stuff like that. At first I didn’t even have a clue what they were talking about. 

I struggled with it for weeks trying to figure out what was different between Talon and Evolve and why it was working correctly in one and not the other but could not for the life of me find the reason. Since multiwindow for Touchwiz is enabled with just a few lines in your Android Manifest, it’s an extremely easy thing to just add and never think about again, which I did. It wasn’t until Luke got a request to add multiwindow to Talon did I figure out what the problem was, because it was at that point where Talon’s popups started malfunctioning as well. So I took out multiwindow for the next update and, sure enough, the popup began working as it should.

So, in the end, the problem came down to Samsung’s implementation of multiwindow, which was breaking compatibility with apps that should be working correctly across any Android device. It led to Evolve getting low rating from those users, who tend to make up an extremely large user base, and an unbelievable amount of frustration on my part. No carriers extra features should ever break compatibility in an app like that feature did and it is my opinion that features like that should never be allowed into production.

Secondly, I’d like to outline a problem that I’ve had to solve more recently in Evolve for Touchwiz devices, which was a huge one – MMS issues. For weeks upon weeks I struggled with users coming to me and saying that Evolve wasn’t receiving picture messages for them. The common denominator, once again: each and every one of them was running Touchwiz. So, I went bug hunting. And hunting. And more hunting. And for the life of me could not understand why on earth these messages were not being received.

In Evolve, I use the same implementation as the stock Google messaging app (that has since been replaced in favor of Hangouts) to send and receive MMS messages, all packaged up into a nice library that I made to make life easy: So, that means that it wasn’t even something that I made that was malfunctioning for receiving, it was something that Google engineers had made and users had been using for a very long time through stock Android, Cyanogenmod, or really any other custom ROM out there. Something that had been tested and confirmed working by millions of users. And then it just stopped working. Right when all of these Galaxy S4 and Note 3 users started getting their updates to KitKat, it just stopped working. So, once again, I was bombarded by emails and we eventually found a workaround – just disabling auto download seemed to do the trick and messages could then be manually received.

I’m not a fan of a workaround. And I’m not a fan of having to manually download messages. And I’m not a fan of telling anyone who emailed me about the issues to have to turn off auto download. So I had to figure out what was wrong. A fellow XDA user then pointed me to a post by the 8sms team who were having the exact same issues that I was with downloading (and in their case sending as well) MMS messages on Touchwiz devices, it just plain wasn’t working. Their detailed explanation can be found here:

In short, Samsung had changed something that probably shouldn’t have been changed, once again breaking compatibility with multiple well-established apps on the Play Store. The 8sms team was able to find the fix and their post also pointed me in the right direction to solving the problem as well.

But, its compatibility issues like these, something that should work across Android independent of what device you are using, that tells me Samsung has gone too far with Touchwiz. I’m willing to bet that there are other issues that developers have run into as well that I haven’t hit, these were just two issues that I’ve had to struggle through solving to be able to fix Evolve for these users.

Seeing as Samsung’s Galaxy devices are the most widely used across Android [1], breaking compatibility with Android apps downloaded off of the Play Store because of their added features is just something that should not be happening. It’s not only creating headaches for me, and other developers most likely, it’s creating problems for end users of their product, lowering their overall Android experience when they don’t just want to use the Samsung apps that come with their device. The beauty of Android is being able to customize your phone or tablet however you like – from the messaging app to the launcher to the lockscreen and by breaking some of those third party apps, Samsung is restricting what users can do and enjoy.

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Whoops! Nice mistake there on my part. 😄
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I just watched the clock on my N5 go from 01:59 to 03:00 (^_-)

Time to go to sleep.

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Who cares which time we should agree on. This stupid shit needs to stop, ASAP! Daylight savings are only good for farmers! And for people without any source of light. Why can't the farmers just adjust instead of the entire country? Every time this happens I have to spend a lot of days adjusting to the change. How can it be that all these countries are clever enough to have no DST: while the rest are retarded enough to have it?
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Read acces to Google's production servers.

(via @Gunther_AR on Twitter). 
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Ugh, there are so many "tech" websites/blogs/news channels incorrectly advising people to immediately change all their passwords... :(

At least the article linked below gives the correct advice! 

#heartbleedbug   #heartbleed    
A lot of folks are going around at the moment telling the public to change all of their passwords in response to the serious Heartbleed internet security bug. But it's not necessarily the wisest advice.
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I saw that. Just wondering why the Lookout application said it was still
there. But I guess it's not the point that it's there because the patches
from Google have rendered it incapable to work. Again thanks.
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Indie He-Man game (demo).

Works on Android via openbor :
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Exactly how I often feel during business meetings...
My life as a freelance developer summarized. 
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This reminds me of some of the meetings where I work.
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