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A word after a word after a word is a #power 

Learn the rules, break the #rules, make up new rules, break the new 

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#life before #google

Ask whatever you want to fast. In some time, #Google will become a #teenager and stop answering questions.

Those who initiate #change will have a better #opportunity to #manage the change that is inevitable +William Pollard 

What should people do when everything appears to be going wrong in their lives?
1. Open #Google
2. Write your problem in the search box
3. Read 100000 links of #people having problem just like you
4. Feel better that you're not the only one.
5. Get off the computer and deal with the #problem like a grown up.

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It’s not true that it takes #money to make money. The truth is that it takes #courage to make money; 80 percent of all millionaires today are first-generation #millionaires. They didn’t inherit their money or start with money. You have to be courageous to connect with new customers, get more attention, and dominate your #customers so that they can think of no one else.


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يا مسافرة ليش ع هادا الطريق
مشيتي من دون طرقات البشر
رحتي لوحدك لا أمل لا رفيق
و بتعرفي بآخر هالدرب شو مخبي القدر
مشيتي ما ودعتي حدا
مشيتي ع طول المدا
أصواتن بقلبك صدا
و لعيونن كنت الفدا
ماكان هيك الحلم وبتتذكري
يوم ابتديتي الدني فرحاني
كيف الحلم بالصيف ولع و احترق
و جن الشتي بكانون و الخيل غرقاني
خلص الربيع بغيبتك والصيف
حزن الخريف المر عالسما خيم
و مهما الشتي يمحي قصص
بيبقى اسمك ع شفافن صلاه

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Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman chats with social media expert Mari Smith about marketing tips on Facebook.
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