Name: Aaliyah Dana Houghton

(Face Flaim if you have one): Aaliyah Dana Houghton

Age: 19

School: McKinley High

Occupation: Student

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Crushes: Sebastian Smythe

Have you ever been slushied?: No

Likes: 90s Music, Making Beats, Making Her Own Songs, Singing, Playing The Piano, Playing The Acoustic Guitar, Writing Songs, Dancing

Dislikes: People Who Play With Her Heart

Skills: Singing, Dancing, Acting

Clubs: Glee Club

Bio: Aaliyah Was Born On January 16th 1998, Her Dad Was Killed In Front Of Her When She Was 6. At Age 15, Aaliyah's Mother Was Sick So That Left Her To Take Care Of Her By Herself. Now At The Age Of 19 Aaliyah Goes To McKinley High And From Nosw On She Vows To Take Care Of Her Mother.
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