It's been a year since I first published a simple URL on my Facebook page, and asking my friends about the last time they gave themselves a real break.

I got a few minor likes and went on with my life.
But then, two week after, stumbleupon found the quiet place - and rest is history.

Millions of people came in to see this project. A viral explosion that keeps on going until today.
It seems like e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e loves the quiet place project. It's been translated to over 40 languages, and the people all around the world going crazy on this project.

The quiet place is giving people the understanding that they need quiet. The thoughts room is giving people a chance to feel more relaxed with their thinking and soon, the dreams room should give all of us the opportunity to express what we want and really achieve it.

I never dreamed that my life will turn out the way they did. And I hope it's only the begining.
I belive that on the next year things will be even more exciting.

So keep on smiling,
Amitay :)

(P.S - Thank you all for spreading the word and helping the project!)
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