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I've decided to start a punk rock band and I'm calling it "Bad Hombres and The Nasty Woman".

the first album cover will be a picture of a taco truck.

[Trademark pending]


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Go Warriors!

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Wow. This is a LOT better than you would imagine. A genuinely great track.

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LAUNCH 'Pad: The Tablet Event

October 21st I'm hosting a one-day event for 250 developers around the iPad.

It's free for developers to attend the event... yes, it's free. I have a couple of sponsors paying for the event so I figured, screw it, I'll make this free for people who actually build stuff.


I was going to buy some AdSense to promote it, but instead I thought I would do something more creative: offer an iPad 2 and 10 free tickets in a contest to anyone who shares this post on Google+.

So, share this post with your friends and i will enter you into a drawing for a free iPad2 and one of the tickets.

Yes, a free iPad! :-)

I wonder how many shares this will get? I'm guessing 20-50 shares... which means fairly good chances.

Oh yeah, 20% off tickets if you use the code googleplus

I think the race between online music services will be won by the once that can nail the social component. As of right now, it's essentially a commoditized set of services, but a social tie in will make things a lot more sticky.

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Yay! Finally completed my photography portfolio site. Come check it out!

Does someone know the best way to integrate a pogoplug, airport extreme base station, and iTunes all into a seamless music/video/photo server?

Suggestion to Google: It would be great if users had the ability to select which streams (one or more) should be viewable on the main page. As of right now, I can opt to see posts from either my friends circle, family, following, or all etc but not two of the three at a time, for example. I'd love to have the flexibility to change that. Please modify the listing/menu of streams on the left to be user-selectable such that it will show posts based on the circles you select (or have the ability to exclude circles from the current viewing area).
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