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Wow! "Google is starting to understand the world the way people do," is this just for Search x Image, or is it for all Google Search at this point?
+Amit Singhal is there an easy way to base a search from a phone camera captured image? I assume quality and resolution factor into the results...
+Adam Hoke I think something like Google googles might work for it. Have u tried it? I haven't played a lot with it but I was able to do some cool things related to images/videos with it! :)
+Anand Kulkarni good point... I was thinking of identifying wildlife, plants, trees based from an image, Goggles seemed more for products, brands, and art... I'm curious if Goggles will also improve with these advancements in image search
If the image search for Goggles could be enhanced to include the generic image search it would be awesome or the regular search bar on android could have a snapshot option
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