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OK, I admit it, I am a die-hard Trekkie. I grew up watching endless reruns of Star Trek, my imagination completely immersed in Gene Roddenberry’s brilliant creation.

Today’s Star Trek doodle is, and Mr. Spock said it best, “Fascinating.” Built using modern web technologies, this beautiful, interactive, multi-scene doodle takes all of us... where no one has gone before. Every scene has hidden surprises you absolutely have to discover for yourself, especially the fate of the Redshirt. A team of outstanding designers and engineers, and numerous Star Trek fans at Google, got really creative with this one.

Working on search at Google has brought me ever so close to realizing my childhood dream of turning science fiction into reality; and Star Trek has played a special role in my journey. Yes! The destiny of search is to become the Star Trek computer, a perfect assistant by my side whenever I need it.

I hope you enjoy today’s magical doodle, and to all my fellow Trekkies, I say... live long and prosper.
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Your doodle and your expiation is very logical.
+Amit Singhal, when is the Googleplex going to create a USS Enterprise bridge themed space for Google engineers?
I love how Ensign 'e' looks worried :)
Love it! very interactive and trekkie!!!
Very nice! Hopefully you have something planned for The Next Generation's 25th anniversary later this month!
it is very difficult to surprise someone with a particular draw during the family computer doodle succeed!
It is really amazing! Thank you so much!
Thank you Amit  &Google!!  You are awesome!  (The guy in the red shirt actually dies!!!) Too cool!
i think i might actually be in love with you google guys for this one. awesome !!!
( btw the "guy in the red shirt " is scotty , )
Just now seeing this, but that is just. completely. awesome.
Dear Amit; Your experience is awesome. Hope you're having a great day. Happy New Year. Smiles, Robert. 
I shared this to many of my fans. Would love to see more of theses games played on Google please.
I already saw it two years ago, but I still enjoy to see it again. Thanks
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