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This is extremely amusing. What's with the stallions yo?
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Ken Liu
Well, I could make a joke about apple trying to flog a dead horse but I won't
Why Indian or any other accents won't work properly ?
SIRI was actually reading her mind. SIRI FTW...
how many adverts and nonsense story can be added?
BTW Android built the voice recognition waaaay before Apple to think/buy Siri. 
It's like we don't live in a world where everything is free and where people can freely produce media for us to consume without advertising. 
Thanks,, this is really good... iOS sucks..
Oh dear Siri :-( - didn´t know my trusted companion in my pocket was that bad...
So, Siri is basically an imitation of Microsoft's Clippy a decade down the road?
Boy, Siri needs to go to school big time and learn a few tricks :)
I myself was surprised that Siri did not show a picture of a young Sylvester Stallone.
+Sam Klueter wrong, apple stole Google voice search carte blanc and cleaned it up a little. Google voice search has been in use for like 4 years.
Dragon naturally speaking had been around for like 20 years.. Voice assisted automation for longer.. Saying siri was first is like saying Christopher columns made America 1 shovel of dirt at a time
Siri needs some work. Other then that I love my 4S.
What's that huge thing in her left hand?
Apple will have a press conference to show Siri works perfectly and sheeple are just using it wrong!
I have an idea, apple should name the new mini iPad "Stallion"
Using it wrong? This is suppose to be a human assistant. Overall it's a big disappointment and the love for the iPhone 4S definitely out weighs the Siri feature. However, I #Love Google in general and have never used or even seen the voice feature/phone. Most people that complain about iPhone still won't put the sexiness down for a competitor. I'm always up for a challenge and love technology. Which phone should I look at if I were to switch? Any Suggestions? PS - I'm with AT&T. 
+Jesse Rottinghaus Get the Galaxy Nexus, unlocked GSM version for use with AT&T. It's only $350 no-contract on the Google Play Store.
Ha! I was so going to pick up a new iPhone. I might have to stick with my Droid.
vu la
Are picture of Rocky would've been hilarious!
People still tell me how much better iPhone is, but even before seeing that video I wouldn't trade my Android for a 100 iPhones.
LOL I think Siri is a little lonely because she seems to have a thing for stallions.
Siri finally found the stallion ..
As much as I bash Apple, Siri was a great technology where they took the Google Genius Button, and gave it a voice. Now, Google kicks Apple in the stem with Siri's superior, not surprising really. But, I'll keep watching masses of people but the iPhone and swear it's the be all and end all of all cell phones with a sarcastic smirk on my face, rocking it hard with my bitchin' Galaxy II.
I haven't met anybody that has Siri that isn't wildly disappointed. That video was spot on. It just. Doesn't. Work. 
Poor siri. Love the Google voice
Samsung is wayyyyy better than Apple.
Stallion! Official Partner of Iphone's Siri. Lol!
Just adds more justification to my argument against my friends
Hahaha I love it! SIRI like stallion! Hahaha maybe her boyfriend size like stallion!
Guess even some digital females like "Stallions!"  Siri seemed a little obsessed though!
Apple just want to slow down the Nexus 7 sales... that is the reason they are releasing these leaks about possible Mini
her iPad is heavy?? 650g is heavy???? wtf
iphone is a tired phone ,,,,,,galaxy s3,ummmah
Well i just think apple's siri needs to improve on its speed and have an option to allow persons to choose where or not they want siri to automatically search the web for information.
I am impressed with the Jellybean, but I own and use Apple products. One thing I noticed is that an Apple user would know to clear the search after each Siri attempt or you would continue with the search just as Stallion came up. Basically, Siri needs updates and tweaking.
Try asking Siri to call you "Doctor"
"If you like, I can search the web for a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head..."  Sure, why not.
What so they are reboxing the ipod. sounds to me like the emperors new cloths, money for old rope you guys pick one

+Moin Ahmed Ermm Android didn't build squat voice recognition...
Think your confused with Nuance...
I guess the iPhone's built quality is the only appealing thing for ifans since Google has defeated iOS in every other aspects.
I just did. Siri keeps calling my own number and one time she Said "I can't find any pink taco on your agenda" :P
Android all the way baby.....
How much u wanna bet apple will try suing them?
Wow jellybean seems way sharper than SIRI
Apple are desperate to fend off Android by adding application level features to iOS, but they have have shot themselves in the foot with Siri. Google is on  home turf with Voice Control. They are bound to win.
Possible it's because when you ask android a question it actually searches google but apple has to ask you to search the web. Just sayin
+Roseller, Jr. Velicaria 
They already did what they do best. They sued and got the injunction in the US court for this feature called "universal search". So, by the time, this court case is also blown away based on its merit and they end up loosing 96 Million Dollars paid towards the injunction, they might have improved a bit on "Siri" that "claimed" to have made iPhone 4S so "special". It was such a feature that they could not enable it in their own iPhone 4. I guess duping their own customers are one of the skills they have mastered. I think when Judge Posner (spelling?) expressed one of his recommendations in his article that all patents can be licensed and shall not form the basis of a ban if found valid, he must have Apple in his mind.
I have the same issues with Siri all the time. Maybe it's time to get an android??
Wow Siri really SUCKS! Android Jelly Bean FTW!
The only one command siri can understand is "Lock the phone" then unlock the phone.. awesome na!!!!!???? Lolzzzz
Siri in at least one language Tamil means Laugh.. Good for laughs..
How long till jellybean comes to sgs3?
Siri: iSlow - Google search: iKnow
Which is why Apple got nexus banned...for all of 5 minutes. Funny, the adds make Siri look much faster, could be the "sequences shortened" small print the always add though ;-)
FU siri ,, ur nothin front of jelly beans voice recoganisation . Its siri's time to get its ass kicked . Apple copies google android in any posible manner.
"WOWWWW holy shit sweet mother of god! Awesome job in coming out with a Voice Command System that rivals Siri!"

Like Jeezus, guys. Why would we expect Google Search's Voice Command system to compare with a technology that's almost a year old. (ages ago in technology terms)

Where was Google when Siri came out? Pretty much still developing their response to Apple's App Store.
Sue APPLE!! Their copying the Nexus 7!! LOL
+Paul Klaszus That really didn't stop idouchbags from comparing siri to the 2 year old version of Google Voice Commands that apple copied, now did it?
Man! That's funny. Good now wins.
Tera C
Got my N7 yesterday and I couldn't be happier! I had to give the voice search a go while trying out Siri on the 4S. Of course the nexus won that battle ;) Siri frustrates the hell out of me. 
This is not right, Siri is a voice search, it is designed to input and out put voices Only. Jelly bean has an advanced Google search not a Giri. Both of them shouldn't  be compared side by side because they are totally different products 
Ken Liu
+kc ochibili however, you must admit that, as voice search, it didn't work very well. Stallion? :)

To be fair, Google Voice Search has come up with some clangers.
+Jason Anderson yeah probably but she wasent using it wrong, she was speaking clearly isn't that what voice assistance is
Very insightful...thank you! On a side note, I have an iPhone 4S and I just bought the Samsung SIII which I am in the process of swapping out for a Nexus. I use the voice assistance a lot on my iPhone and yes it can be a bit frustrating at times, but I was very disappointed with the S-voice on the SIII when it came to real life usage. I saw all the YouTube comparisons with Siri where it kicked Siri's butt, but it did not hold up when I compared it in my day to day use.
+Ashwini Pandey are you really THAT uniformed?? In no way shape or form did Apple say Siri could not operate on iPhone 4.. Jeezz 
La ce fel sa mirat parca ar fi avut altceva an mana decat iphone-uri.
Yes... they just did not allow it... people who have jailbroken could do that... I did not say that they said it won't work on iPhone 4. It is just that this feature is available only on iPhone 4S. Read carefully then comment.
As much as I appreciate Samuel L. Jackson and John Malcovich, I'm Android all the way. Siri, like everything Apple, is dumb. Why is it always the pretty ones?
Haha — The "stallion" thing was so damn funny... =)
I love my iPhone 4s but Siri, well, let's just say I don't think the technology is ready-for-primetime.
I am happy to see that I am not the only one that Siri doesn't understand. Love my 4s but I swear the voice command is geared to a male voice and not a woman's. My husband gets much better results than I do. She just doesn't ever know "what I mean by..." so we just don't communicate any more.
Should of asked if Samsung tablet looks like a iPad lol
+Miodrag Ristovski siri being a beta is an excuse because google now is also a beta as that was a developer preview version on a nexus 7 not final version that comes on ordered tabs from market right
Siri is Such a trol! Asks about a sport. I can look up a picture of a stallion! what happened to a Character from the village people?
I found a picture of a stallion!
Got both and each has its good an bad points.... just being honest
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