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Not the best targeting to send this to the person responsible for Search at Google.
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Ananda need to have a chat with Google Now I think!
Seems like good targeting to me. They even got you to reshare it to all your followers. ;-)
Heh. I would beg to differ as a long-time spiritual seeker who finally just gave up.  ;)

If Google can't find it, I don't need it.
Were you there searching for something? :-)
Better than the other search engines which can't solve any search. 
Seems to me that, of all people, you'd know how to find them if you were searching for them.
I have to "amit" it's ironically funny
Gil Pac
Brilliant!  A card and postage that cost maybe 30 cents on a bulk mailer got +Ananda  (ok they are not yet on Google) all this attention. They may have an over flow crowd come Sunday or just one particular attendee they are prospecting:)
+Gil Pac  LOL Bud,  They got 1.2 Minutes of Fame..Not enough to get Joe Six pack out of bed Sunday morning However..
Actually, PERFECT targeting :)  We need those that are building products that influence Billions to be Awakened, Enlightened.    Ananda are a great group of people that I highly recommend paying attention to :) <3
Not sure if great targeting, but great seeding. It was sent to you, you posted it, and it got re-shared 200+ times.
I am still confused by any post claiming that I need to be awakened when I read it early at morning. Kind of matrix like feeling.
Or maybe it is. Maybe the people at Google will find a way to tap into the collective unconscious' servers because of this.
Hahahaaa I think so 
a few years ago, I was looking for Dick's Sporting good shop (a chain in the US) So I typed in "Dick's",
Wow, big mistake...
As the saying goes "Everybody can search but only a few can find"...
That's why I don't rely totally on Google. I use metacrawlers like Search Geek and others that utilize most of the search engines out there. You find a lot more that way.
Actually, the Internet is bulging with material about Paramhansa Yogananda, best known as author of Autobiography of a Yogi and apparently the focus of the organization that spammed you Google does a really good job of turning up material about him.  So their claim is misdirected but also incorrect.
+Amit Singhal I saw a sign recently and you could respond "Some things Man was never meant to know, for everything else there's Google"
Not to MOTO but "Spiritual search or Journey".
+Amit Singhal  with the growing number of +1s (and some comments meh..) on this post I am sure they hadn't done a better job reaching a somewhat untapped user base recently.
I don't know I googled my name and I have found me I called her up she didn't know who I was
Sorry but yes Google can if your looking it up right from crime to a video game, Google has met at less my goal in life★ thats why im with them today♥ 
Google can solve most of the queries may not be all
If Google search solves self realization, we're all in trouble. Hello, Skynet!
It would be good to keep google humble.
i think left side text was intended to look like google logo typeface, but tht font is not google logo font. that typeface is (adobe) garamond, which was apples main typeface long time ago. 90's or 2000's i guess.
"Always believe in God, because there are questions that Google can not answer" !!! LOL
poor guys might not know about you Amit ji.
That IS hilarious! … But, they do have a really nice 'Intro to Meditation' program.
there is a cool t-shirt "I do not need Google. My wife knows everything"
Google needs to solve the "humiliation Algorithm" search that they ruin people's lives while profiting from it. Kharma will otherwise solve the problem. 
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