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educator, researcher, entrepreneur
educator, researcher, entrepreneur

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Seminal piece...we will discuss this when we do this class again in Sp18.

Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework - 1962 (AUGMENT,3906,) - Doug Engelbart Institute

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This is a very interesting video: next holy grail is unsupervised learning, and in near term, using unsupervised learning to reduce tagging could prove very useful. This work also brings up some other abstraction- here in particular perceptual grouping.

Related article- worth a look:

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Today's visitor to Kno.e.sis asked about my thoughts on Singularity. I discussed my views on why
I do no see that happening in our lifetime.
The point about genuine comprehension in this piece is furthering my views.

Into the light: How humans became intelligent

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Context aware AI will take a lot more awareness and knowledge, still interesting...

The future of AI is neuromorphic. Meet the scientists building digital 'brains' for your phone

Even though we do not have classes this week, I am available this week if anyone wants to discuss the project.

Note to those who join this community:

This community was created at the start of Summer 2016 Semester when this Seminar/Discussion course was offered. Roughly 35-40 attendees participated- a few were from Cognitive Science background. Even after the seminar ended, I continue to receive requests to join the community- since we still actively share the information on this community, I am happy to oblige. I also want some of the new Ph.D. students to catch up as much as possible, since this area is where my own research is likely to go.

Please do the following if you are new to this community:
1. Click on "About community" and read the paper that provide the baseline
2. State with the oldest message at the bottom and go up-- pay attention to the posts that provide class video and associated slides or material. Perhaps these are more important posts and gives you a feel of what we dicussed in the class.
3. Of course check other posts too- some of ou may be interesting to you.

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There are a couple of interesting things in this story wrt to some of the things we had discuss in the class:

1. I like and agree with this point [High]: "I don’t believe there is a lot of value in replicating the human mind in a computer." "The kind of intelligence we need to focus on in a cognitive system is a different kind of intelligence from the one that humans possess.” "

2. Decent definition: “Cognitive computing is about amplifying human cognition — whether that is in the context of a conversation or whether that is more of in a discovery scenario where the implicit goal is to come up with new ideas, seeing perspectives you haven’t seen before, seeing through your biases,"

2. " the biggest challenge here is “understanding people, not just what they vocalize." ...(deep learning is) really good at doing recognition. But that doesn’t give us a deep understanding about a person’s motivation. Our motivations are often not expressed upfront, yet it is key to understanding what people want to get done.” [High]

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Very interesting: need to pay attention to transfer learning and generally preserving learned knowledge (which I think could even be a separately developed KG)

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If you are using Machine Learning for the first time or if you have not done more than toy problem using machine learning, this article has some interesting points.

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Worth checking out:
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