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educator, researcher, entrepreneur

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I think as relevant as one year ago.
"On his exciting and challenging journey toward more meaning in the man-machine collaboration (symbiosis as you will often read him calling it), Dr. Sheth wears several hats at a time."

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A year ago - I think still relevant, as the interviewer puts it: "On his exciting and challenging journey toward more meaning in the man-machine collaboration (symbiosis as you will often read him calling it), ..." Two keynotes coming up for me to explore more on this topic: and

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This article is generating a fair bit of discussions. Some are strongly advocating explainable AI. Here is my take:

It is nice to be able to make explainable AI, but it is more important to be able to solve the problems well-- and there are many problems that need not be explained, and being able to make correct/better decisions in most cases is good enough. Among many consideration: (a) humans do not make perfect decisions, (b) humans do not always agree, and more importantly (c) there is an increasing realization that our unconscious mind has a huge role in our own decision making.

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Some would have us believe consumer grade devices are terrible and highly inaccurate and they are right [1]; but our research (with applications to asthma and dementia) shows they can be quite effective for health applications [2][3]

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Augmented Personalized Health: #IoT #wearables #mHealth #AI

While research and technology development is exciting, the ability to work with clinicians and evaluate with patients will likely improve our ability to have real-world impact.

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A beautiful stream carring water from the snowpack in the Castle Crags State Park

Graduate students were asked to have your final project report in the form of a manuscript (for "research" students doing thesis, this is a critical learning step). If you received an "I" grade, it means you have not yet done that. I would like you do complete your manuscript asap and review with Saeedeh --
preferably by May 20, and see me on May 21 to possibly change your grade.

Guys-- surveys need to be taken seriously-- it would unethical just to put some random numbers (as I have seen some doing) --- know that often research student do depends on honesty and sincerity of those who participate in survey and other such information gathering/analysis activities!

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This is a fascinating piece and deserves discussion in our take 2 of this course. Things that caught my eyes:
"At its core, intelligence can be viewed as a process that converts unstructured information into useful and actionable knowledge. "
"The algorithms we work on learn how to master tasks directly from raw experience, meaning that the knowledge they acquire is ultimately grounded in some form of sensory reality rather than in abstract symbols " [pay attention to learning from sensory reality]
I am fascinated by the point Dennis makes re: intuition and instinct.

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This is a fascinating read - I have not, but hope to dig more into this. But I found the ending quite interesting:

"Chalmers suggested that consciousness is the key to our sense of meaning. “What gives life even the potential for meaning in the first place is, I guess, consciousness. It takes somehow all this activity in the brain or body and turns it into meaning, like water into wine.”"

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