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Intel shows off their new super-fast, dual-port NVMe SSDs using technology developed at E8 Storage, which is where I work :)

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Firestarter by +The Prodigy is 20 years old. Still banging.

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The company I work for is now out of stealth

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בואו להכיר מגוון רחב של משחקי סודוקו. באתר תמצאו מאגר גדול של לוחות סודוקו שונים כגון: סודוקו שכנים, סך סודוקו, סודוקו גזרות, סמוראי סודוקו, סודוקו X ועוד.

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+Eli Vanunu​ is a friend of mine from way back. A very talented musician and a wonderful person overall.

I thought that with Marshmallow on my Nexus 5 I'll be able to remove some system apps because Google no longer requires all these apps to be installed.

Does anyone know why I can't remove these apps? Also, which apps are on that list? I would at least like to disable them, assuming that doing so won't hurt my device's functionality. Thanks!

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One of many great tracks in the new +NEOREVmusic album, Disrupt The Scene.

Listen to the full album here:
(please consider buying the album if you enjoy it)

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+The Prodigy live is amazing. Here's a taste of the mayhem.
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