Do you have someone you want to speak with but don't know his/her language? This might be useful for you. Please share if you know someone who could use it.
Pick up your phone and speak Spanish, or Korean, or Italian, It's your choice!

Hi guys, You know we rarely share anything other than Android stuff but these guys over at +Lexifone are very close friends and they just went into final beta so they want to give our readers a gift + their Android app is on the way + (and this is the most important) their service is awesome!

Lexifone is an international Telephony Service Provider with a clear vision that aims to connect those who do not speak the same language.
Lexifone has set up a fully automatic phone interpreter service, Namely, we have built both a voice to voice translation engine and a worldwide telephony platform to facilitate the calls.

First 500 users to use the coupon name "androidnewbies" will get 20% off original price for the prepay plans. (valid for 1 month).

So go on to try it and tell us what you think. We are sure that this is going to be a big thing soon.
Oh and please share this with anyone you think this could be useful for.

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