When will America end our strange attitudes toward sexuality/sensuality/eroticism. We need a healthy balance. The use of the photo and our reaction to it indicates how much we seem mired in adolescence. Why this cover? Why that pose? Why do I still find it necessary to mention those words rather than others in regard to the photo? Why is it only marginally related to the article as a whole?

There is a need to consider the issue of #breastfeeding and how many react to this very normal and healthy way to nurture a child. We should get beyond the the shock of women who want to discreetly care for the child.

Yes the image, and the many versions sacred and profane, speaks to something very deep in our psyche. That archetypal image is not strictly pornographic but touches a deep part of who we are as either mother or child; and I am sure, men and woman see and react to this photo in very different ways. What do men see when they first look at it? What feelings does it invoke when a woman first sees it?

Yes I understand the attempt to market. Why do we have to provoke in our discourse words and images that continue to polarize and divide?

Instead of just reacting why don't we attempt to understand why this raises so many questions. Mature enough to acknowledge the many deep stirings this image evokes in all of us. So we can recogonize what is good and healthy, and then name that which makes us see dark and forces us to take extreme positons.
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