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Amit Maheshwari
Linux Admin, Cyber Security Consultant, Digital Marketing Expert
Linux Admin, Cyber Security Consultant, Digital Marketing Expert
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Good solution  for NFS error

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How to change time zone in RHEL 7 

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Here list of tcpdump command used in linux, Tcpdump Commands – A Network Sniffer Tool

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List of Important Commands used to administer Red Hat's Cluster Suite

Checking status of the cluster
 # clustat
Moving a service/package over to another node
 # clusvcadm -r <servicename> -m <membername>
Starting a service/package
 # clusvcadm -e <servicename> -m <membername>
Stopping/disabling a service/package
 # clusvcadm -d <servicename>

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Apache Interview Questions
1) What's the command to stop Apache?
2) How do you set up a virtual host in Apache?
3) What is mod_vhost_alias?
4) What does htpasswd do?
5) If you specify both deny from all and allow from all, what will be the default action of Apache?
6) How do you change the default web root?
7) Site is accessible under many different hostnames; how to redirect clients so that they see only a single name?
8) How do I turn automatic directory listings on or off in Apache?
9) How to do URL Rewriting using Apache?
10) How do you set up Apache to require a username and password to access certain documents?

Read in detail with answers at :

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Q1. What is Nagios and how it Works ?
Q2. Explain Main Configuration file and its location?
Q3. Explain Ngaios files and its location?
Q4. Explain Host and Service Check Execution Option?
Q5. Explain active and Passive check in Nagios?
Q6. What Are Objects in Nagios?
Q7. What Are Plugins in Nagios?
Q8. How Do I Use Plugin X in Nagios?
Q9. Explain External Commands in Nagios ?
Q10. When Does Nagios Check For External Commands?
Q11. Explain Nagios State Types?
Q12. What is State Stalking?
Q13. Explain how  Flap Detection works in Nagios?
Q14. Explain Distributed Monitoring ?
Q15. What is NRPE in Nagios ?
Q16. What are the components that make up the NDO utilities ?

Answers are available at :-

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