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Amit Kumar
In search of the best eggs in web word.
In search of the best eggs in web word.

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Having full blown anxiety attacks just because of the thought of having an anxiety attack. ‪#‎MyLife‬ ‪#‎FML‬

Venture Capitalists are “evil” in the same way that McDonalds are “evil” for making you fat.

Sometimes, re-inventing the wheel helps you understand how the wheel was made in the first place.

If you’re reading articles entitled “10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur”, I’d say you’ve got a 0.1% chance of doing so in life.

"I want to do something big but I don't want to do that, that, or that."  :D #mylife

Eating food while waiting for your food to heat up is the definition of fat and impatient #mylife :D

#BabaGiri  - If you aren't saying "Let's just TRY it and see what happens!" at least once a week, you're doing it wrong.

Rewriting should be called what it really is: Deleting.

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"गलतफहमियों'" के सिलसिले इतने दिलचस्प है,
हर 'ईंट' सोचती है कि 'दीवार' बस मुझसे 'जिन्दा' है !!
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