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Nothing specialist. Experimenting with cubes and looking for a style.
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Experimenting with other examples for students next year. Showing the difference light can do to a simple scene. #gamedev #unity3d #leveldesign  
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Preparing some simple examples for next year students at Noroff​ University College. The purpose is to show how they can turn a simple scene into a more interesting scene even with simple shape and colour. The purpose of these lectures are to connect the red lines of why they need to learn colour, light, shape, form, shadow, perspective, nature, sun, ground, reflection, refraction and so on. It is not a perfect scene but it proves the point just be looking at the difference. #gamedevelopment   #education   #noroff  
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To show what I started with after putting the level together. #leveldesign   #unity3d   #lightingdesign  
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If you can watch this you have a good computer and screen...
The equipment to shoot it might not exactly be widespread, and the displays needed to view it at home are even less so, but 8K video has made its way to
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Nothing special, just experimenting with pixel art and turning it into 3D Pixel Art, some would call it Voxel. #pixelart #voxel #gamedev  
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With proper understanding of light. Even a dull scene becomes interesting to look at. What do you think? #gamedev #lighting
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Added reflection and changed back to overcast light blue sun light. Wasn't feeling the yellow look. Added comparison image to see what it looked like after setting the scene together without custom light. ‪#‎gamedev‬ ‪#‎leveldesign‬ #unity3d  
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Made an Environment using someone else's assets. Made an desert apocalyptic city. Lighted it up and all that . #unity3   #gamedev   #lighting  
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Good to see examples about male domestic abuse too.
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