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You’ve all had fun with the virtual mustaches and now you are going to have antlers to liven up your holiday hangouts. But the most exciting effects maybe the ones all you developers dream up. Today, we have added new APIs to Hangouts that let you do face detection and image overlays in hangouts apps. So give it a try and add some fun effects to your apps.

+Frank Petterson +Janahan Vivekanandan +J.D. Salazar +Richard Dunn +Thor Carpenter
are the engineers who worked on this. Please post your questions/feedback in the comments so we can respond.
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Is the face-tracking based on Viola-Jones or something far more complex? Great job!
great work! recognition is pretty accurate i would say. kudos to the engineers. wondering if you have plans to do voice recognition ?. it would be really really cool. that can make the apps hands free!
The Reindeer one had my family in stitches last night.
Noticed that the reindeer does not show up in my G+ hangout. Running Chrome (latest version) on OSX.
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