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Hanging out with friends and family using Google+ Hangouts is always fun.

In the past, we’ve introduced effects like mustache, reindeer and antlers. Today, we’re experimenting with a few more. Just click on the new mask image icon to cycle through these new effects. (see screenshot)

We hope you have as much fun as our designer +Beck Park and engineer +Jeremy Ng had in creating these.

Note: the effects are being rolled out, so if you dont see it at first, give it a try in a few minutes.
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rollout for this happening over a couple hours
This is cool :) Is this using OpenCV?
+Amit Fulay Cool stuff but I would really like to see File/Picture Sharing, Document Collaboration, and Naming regular hangouts as well as multi-player hangout games!
+Amit Fulay Yes please! Naming Regular Hangouts instead of the Extra would be a bonus! I think every thing that is in the Extra hangouts should be implemented with the Regular hangouts..... so we have the ability to check profiles of the folks we are hangout with.
+Amit Fulay basically move all the extras over to the regular hangout but keep the current design of the regular hangout however I would love to see an even bigger center video and less spacing between the thumbnails and the bottom the center video should be big as possible and also a full screen option that is easily accessible would be great!
Seems cool, however nobody I know uses google+.
I think that hangouts should be optimized for both work and play my friend Talia always wants to play Uno and other games like we always use to on MSN Messenger but so far there isn't an option for that not even any third party stuff I think it would be great if Google pushed Google+ Games even further by allowing multiplayer options actually in hangouts. Card/Board games and casual video games that we love to play at home with our friends and family can be playable with them anywhere in the world!
+Chee Chew Yeah I have my own project that i want to do with the api but right now I only have basic java skills. I wish there was more people working on stuff maybe. Google could promote it more and make a gallery for Hangout Apps that people can see what others are working on.
Does the order intend to imply that dogs are to cats as angels are to demons? So subtle.... :)
I'm writing a post on my website about my ideas for hangouts I'll post it when I'm done :)
Antlers work great for my Chrome dome:)
Naming regular hangouts brings a lot of quality into hangouts. If doing a public hangout and have the ability to give the hangout a topic is very useful...
Sean S
Now we need a way to find hangouts and Hangouts on Air without using a work-around way of searching for hangouts. The work-around now is to search for "is" and filter to show hangout.
+Amit Fulay I'm always trying to get my friends and family to use Google+ and the Hangouts. I always use the hangout pretty much everyday so adding these features would be amazing! Compared to the original hangout it has come a long way keep up the good work!
Well, isn't that the dumbest idea ever. In the week that the mainstream media once again pick up on the ghost town, Google introduces stupid masks. Way to go Google. Now the competition can laugh as well as criticise.
Still not seeing this two days after it was announced. Was it a joke?
+Jannik Lindquist it should be rolled out now. but it does depend on the latest plugin version. what machine are you on and what plugin version do you have?
Thanks, +Chee Chew! I'm on a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook with the latest dev version of Chrome OS. The chat plugin is version
ah... yes, chromebook doesn't have this because the plugin upgrades with the OS and doesn't upgrade as frequently.. working on that...
I see. But even on my Ubuntu laptop I don't see the new Hangout features. The plugin version is also
I realize that :-) But the update manager on Ubuntu says I have the latest version of the plugin
Meow! did you see my tiger face?
Tiger face on my blog profile.
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