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Did you know that you can launch the compose email window directly from the address bar of your browser.

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Even when I log into my gmail acount -
On my PC, Outlook comes up? How to make gmail my default client? 
Luc Suy
Hmm, doesn't work here...
Chrome Version 28.0.1500.63 beta-m
+Amit Agarwal Love you blog. Can you write an article on how to create animated gif similar to the one you have done this video?
When I tried the same on firefox, my default client's (evolution) 'compose message' window appeared. So, I think it is a common browser feature and you got gmail's compose page because you set it as your default client?
i also use firefox.. mere brouser me toh ho gaya... first time it asks aap kiska mail box kholna chahte ho yahoo gmail etc.. u choose ur option bus simple
dosen't work at my chrome
you must make gmail the default app to respond to mailto: link
ma dhu
Ya its working fine... firefox 21.0
It opens the default mail client. Change that association in Internet Explorer Programs settings.
+Ravikanth Chaganti Very wrong. Better solution: Use Internet explorer to download Firefox or Chrome, then uninstall IE. This may still open the default mail client, but we can all agree the world would become a better place.
How is it fake when it works for me??
This will open the default mail server (what you have configured).. in my case outlook. not always gmail. 
Google Chrome instructions for making gmail the default mail handler... 
It certainly works once you've done this.  Non-Chrome users should just download Chrome, or failing that Google Notifier.
Didi Sh
Not working for me on Chrome in UBUNTU
Mujhe google pluska fayda our use hindime bataye

+Hailee Wong
yes.. i think you do for it to connect automatically, but u might have to sign in if you aren't. ;)
It us very simple mailto function we are using since the time of HTML :P
Even shorter method : in Windows press Window-R key, in the Run dialog that opens type "mailto:" (without the quotation marks) and hit enter.
Noooo, it doesn't work on Safari!!!!! I wish it worked....
I think the tip is incomplete if it requires further action to work for so many as indicated in the comments. Possible edit: "Did you know that you can launch the compose gmail window directly from the address bar in Chrome and Firefox browsers"??
nothing happed for me....just got google search result
I used chrome