Let Amira Know - Where Amira should land for a Live Concert - Via the Poll Below - Florida, New York, Texas, California or Another State or Country ?


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Yes, Amira Concert in Florida !!!
Yes, Amira Concert in New York !!!
Yes, Amira Concert in Texas !!!
Yes, Amira Concert in California !!!
No, but I certainly buy DVD instead !!!
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But if not, a DVD would be nice.  Jackie Evancho came to Grand Prairie,  this side (W) of Dallas.
tom ten
Little Amira,the BIG hope and voice of the future. She is AMAZING.i never heard a more beautyful voice then Amira,s voice.She whil move your heart and soul. tears whil be flowing. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Would like to see her come to Seattle,WA. If not DVD will have to do.
Please come to Sacramento, California.
Grand Prairie, Texas would be great Amira. Prayers and Best Wishes for you and your family Amira.
Come to Seattle, Washington
Kom in het sportpaleis optreden ik wil een handtekening van jou
Which period should this take place??

AND .... a DVD of this live concert for all other fans!
Come to Atlanta, Georgia or Birmingham, Alabama!!!
u came to London, and I had no idea u were here, so not London(too big!) come to Suffolk(north-east from London) ,not far and about as flat as your homeland
p.s. We have Benjamin Brittan's school of music, and u could come for the famous Aldeburgh Festival
IK ZÉG: ALLEMAAL!!! in een acceptabel ritme~~~En een extra bezoek voor optredens in zuid afrika.!~~~ Maar als je Amira met als raadgevers haar familie ZÉLF laat beslissen.!!!~~~ DÁT ZAL AMIRA PAS ÉCHT GELUKKIG MAKEN.!!!
Wat's Amira's wish is, thá'ts comming thrue. What'Amira beliebs get SUCCES. I say:  Let  Amira self wih adviece from her famely, thake the dissision.!!!
I think that Amira say:,,,ALL of them. And a extra visit to South Afrika. THAT MAKES AMIRA RILLY HAPPY.!!!
IK ZÉG: ALLEMAAL!!! in een acceptabel ritme~~~En een extra bezoek voor optredens in zuid afrika.!~~~ Maar als je Amira met als raadgevers haar familie ZÉLF laat beslissen.!!!~~~ DÁT ZAL AMIRA PAS ÉCHT GELUKKIG MAKEN.!!!
south east asia or specifically malaysia :) 
You will have to come to Australia one day Amira.
Melbourne and Sydney
Come to Denmark, Copenhagen, and me and my dutch friends will give you and your family a round-trip of Copenhagen :-) 
vengan  a chile es un pais hermozo, desde que la  conosco pido a grito que vengan  plis.
si a valparaiso,de chile te va a encantar con las construcciones antiguas el paisajes etc
DG Mill
It would be fantastic to have you visit Fort Wayne, Indiana, also at the same trip You could do a concert in Chicago, Illinois
if Amira goes to Americca  ,i like  an open air concert  in Central park -performing  for 40.000 people
Dee Vah
London would be great - the Royal Albert Hall. I know she sang here at Christmas but didn't know!!! :O
Love to see her come to Canada. Vancouver, Victoria.(on Vancouver Island) She would love it on the island. Lots of Dutch too. Come on Down Amira!
DG Mill
That would be a good vacation destination...Let me know if she decides to come there Ted! I have never been there and always looking for new places to visit. Even tho I only speak English!
I was looking at the National Geographic site and their doco's on turtles. you might like to go to somewhere like Florida that has extensive programs to save baby turtles. what do you think about that??
Based on the culture and wealth of the cities, I would rank NYC, San Francisco, Austin, TX, and Seattle at the top.   I don't know enough about places like Chicago and LA to rank them.  I would love to see Amira in Seattle.  I also think Ted is right about Vancouver, BC.  I'll bet that Amira could fill a big hall in any one of those cities.  
Edit:  two more:  Boston, MA and San Jose, CA (Silicon Valley).
I am being very careful here since classical music is not strongly supported in the US.  So I am looking for large urban populations of well-educated people with disposable income.  I think this gives the greatest chance of success.  Florida also makes sense, because of the large population of well-educated retirees there, many with strong European roots.  Amira, if you visit anywhere on the west coast, please visit the beautiful national parks.  You will love it.
In Paris!!! :-)
I live in Paris  :-)))
Please come to Tulsa Oklahoma #1 Fan!!! I will seriously die crying!!! 
It matters not where Amira lands in your wonderful country. Just one thing matters get your ticket have your Kleenex handy . This mini megastar is going to make you cry tears of joy . Her beautiful voice could make a heart of stone beat. Listen to one that has had the privilege of seeing her live jaw dropping performance .
Be a part of history in the making be at that concert. In years to come you can say in was there . I was at that concert 11 years old the voice of an angel . Be there .
I just stumbled upon you tonight, I have been up for the past 2 hours, watching your videos and listening to your amazing voice, I bet if more people knew about you here in Texas, they would sold out shows all over the place. Come here, you will have tickets sold from my family and I. Thank you!
Travis I have seen Amira live on Cd fantastic on Video fantastic , Live now if you have a chance to do this go for it. I did just cant put in words how good she is. To buy your ticket sell the car dog children. wife . but do go I would swim shark infested waters to see her again.
in wont matter which city Amira goes to she will be very much loved! but i hope she goes to Florida!
AMIRA I do want you to come to CHILE, but I also want to buy another CD, X´mas CD as well,  and if you can record I also would love to buy a DVD.  Anything would make your fans happy.
Nevada would be great either Las Vegas or Reno.
Please Please come to Dublin Ireland ! It is not that far....there are so many places on this small island for you to sing!! 
+Laura Pettit Yes that would be fantastic I've now been to two concerts . You would have to bring a box of tissues tears of joy will flow down your cheeks. Amira live is just amazing.
It's been 20 years since I last bought a CD. I've never bought a digital download...until now. Truly amazing. 
On Saturday I was at a concert with Amira Willighagen and Alma Deutscher
this was a joy Amiras new album is out in November . Just in case you don't
know Alma look her up.
Hello. How about Vienna? It's a beautiful city.
PS: He would not buy the CD or DVD if you will of autographs.
Mislov not only that I would like to pay extra.
Or even like to wait if they were available on request.
Please come to Zurich or Germany or please sing in Netherlands
Such a beautiful, pure voice! Would LOVE to see you live!!!
You could come to Nijmegen on the 19th December Amira will sing with
Nijmegen male voice choir it going to be amazing.
Come to Florida to sing for us and take a side trip to swim in warm water with real, wild, friendly loggerhead turtles...
The way you alter the pace and modulate the intensity in O mio bambino is exquisite, you are performing for the audience, playing the role of the character, as well as singing...
Come to the Chicago area.  Or, just tour the USA next year.  I am sure your concerts will sell out.  You have a beautiful voice and are a lovely girl. 
The key is the venue and the population.  Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie Texas, between Dallas and Fort Worth would be a great venue.  As would the Bass Hall in Fort Worth, or the Meyerson or Winspear in Dallas, all 3 are classic European style Opera Houses.  
NEW YORK!! NEW YORK!!!!! My 84 year old mother would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you Amira! 
Please come to Washington DC, the Strathmore is an amazing venue.
Kansas City would love nothing more than to see you and hear you sing!
Of course I would love for you to come Portland, Oregon but where ever you go in America, we will welcome you with open arms and open hearts!
Please come to Birmingham Symphony Hall in England, one of the finest concert halls in the World, with amazing acoustics. A suitable venue for your phenomenal talent to be heard! Go to: http://www.thsh.co.uk/symphony-hall/
Ofcourse you country Holland 🇳🇱. Wat zijn wij als kikkerlandje trots op jou
If you come to Sweden, I'll bring all my friends as well.
Please come to Vancouver in Canada. I am originally from Potchefstroom, owning the Mooi River Pharmacy. It would be wonderful to meet you and your family. 
Please come to California. My husband Marcos is77 years old and he watches your videos ALMOST EVERY DAY. It will be the best gift I could ever give him to see you in person. Zuny Hassey 
Please do come to Vancouver, Canada. Your concert will be sold out, for sure.
There really is only one place for you to make sure you include on your tour .... the spiritual home of music ..... Liverpool, England. We'll be waiting Amira.
I would be happy if you come to Germany, perhaps to Munich.
Please... please do come to Vancouver Canada, Asseblief.
Would love it if you came to Canada. Ottawa preferably, but would drive to Toronto to see you as well. You are truly inspiring.
Hey little bit, Come to Chicago! The Chicago Theater downtown is a Classic venue - Surrounded by Hotels & High end Shopping - Theater Phone number is 877 280 9582 or email for Photos & info - Good luck, Randy
We are more than happy to see you here if you could Join André Rieu to New Zealand on 1st of Nov 2016.
Would love to see you in Orlando, Florida some day. I love you so so very very much!
I don't care where you are be it NYC, Canada, California, I would recommend San Francisco, Nevada at the Smith Center Las Vegas...I will come to you. god bless your gift ! I only felt this before when I first heard and then saw Pavarotti...PLEASE..come to the North Americas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should definitely come to NYC and perform either at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center.
mmm kkk
hello dear. u saved my life. come to Japan please. im begging u please.

In Montréal in Canada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be a great honor :D
To Vancouver in Canada. We all love you.
Amira, it really doesn't matter where you go in North America, we will all come see you. You should do 8 concerts in America. I would pay whatever the ticket price to come and hear your wonderful, beautiful voice sing. To be close enough to hear your gift live is to be close to heaven! God Bless you and your family!!
Amira we would love you to come to the UK sometime in the future. To hear your heavenly voice and see you live would be amazing. God bless you and your family. 
amira....so good. why not come to holland, michigan!
Wherever she comes to North America, I'll be there to listen!!
Karen T
WE hope you would come to Seattle Washington...

hey Amira just thinking about you and what you might be doing right now.I hope your feeling great. All us fans miss you and love you very much. I'm sure we'll see you in a concert or a video soon. Until then I guess we'll just have to miss you. You will always have our love.
Larry Fidler
Dear Amira and Fincent:
Come to Kalispell Montana, visit Glacier National Park, and explore some Montana's beautiful wilderness, mountains and lakes. In the winter you can learn how to ski. You may already know how, but if not, your athletic abilities should make it easy. In the summer, there is hiking and camping in the mountains, horseback riding, and canoeing or kayaking on our many lakes and rivers. Much to learn and experience. 
Please visit us in Vancouver, Canada. asseblief.
Amira, Please come to Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We have many world class museums, attractions, musical venues, sports teams and a wonderful symphony not to mention a robust theater district. I think you would enjoy visiting our city. I know I would enjoy introducing my friends and family to the young lady who taught me to appreciate Opera music, and who reminded me there is no limit to the the beauty and magic we are capable of when we allow ourselves to be " dragged into another world". My church has a wonderful music and arts program. I would love for our students to see and hear what you do.
Le monde entier te réclame Amira, et la France aussi. J'espère de tout mon coeur que quelqu'un t'invitera bientôt à venir nous émerveiller ici.
Merci pour tout le bonheur que tu nous donnes. ❤️
Dear Amira
It would be so wonderful to meet you here in France
Ta voix est celle d'un ange et nous t'espérons très vite en France. Merci de chanter, merci de nous offrir de partager ces purs moments d'enchantement.
Merci Amira
I just discovered you this morning. Your voice dear one is a a gift to the world. I wish you every success. Much love from Colorado USA
Please, please come to Vancouver, Canada.
Would like to see you in Denmark, and to share your wonderfull voice with my contry men
Dear Amira, my vote goes for Boston, MA, USA in the first half of 2017, and to Berlin, Germany, in the second half! :-) 
Amira du bist Mega TALENT!!! Gratulation!!!
Please come to Vancouver, Canada.
Por favor, en España, y si puede , en Santiago de Compostela, como peregrina al sepulcro de Santiago Apostol. Eres mágia. uffff.... ya estás en lo más alto, en el sol, luna, estrellas, eres una de las que más brilla
Michel Missud
Hi Amira, I live near Montreal, Québec, Canada. Would be fantastic to see you there, but if not, New-york will be great. since I hear you, I love opera songs. I hop you com around soon cos your just great, no, your absolutely incredible. 
please come to mexico city we are yours frens

Please come to the UK Amira!! If not hopefully you will do one soon again in Holland too as I can get there fairly easily as well :)
Tim W
Anywhere in the US. I want 4 tickets
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