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Hey Google fans, big changes are coming to your search engine. +Amit Singhal talks about Google's push into semantic search and we give you a (written) peek at what that might look like.
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I'd like to welcome everyone to this official meeting of The Ghost Town on +Amir Efrati's post. Please be careful of the ectoplasm on the floor.
Yuck, it's kinda sticky. Lotta ghosts in here...
Ted Ewen
Don't cross the streams!
Ghost town, yea right -- I see dead people? everywhere I turn...
I really wish I wasn't the only one here.
I see silly people saying that this is a Ghost Town... silly people...
What? Is there an echo in here? It's just lonely ol' me & the 800,000+ people that circle me. Tumbleweeds all around. For the record, anyone actively involved in Google+ already knows the first hand benefits of the search changes ;) Welcome to the party, the dip & chips are great.
Booo! I have risen from the dead, to haunt certain post-and-run plussers on here :D
Ben Zaitz
I'm a figment of your aberration.
Tell em Large Marge sent ya! *Hung out with 20+ ghosts at SXSW last night, pretty amazing voices in my head
"Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living." BOOOOO!
+Amir Efrati great G+ post. Enjoyed use of 3rd person in referring to yourself. Please add me to your mailing list, err, circle. That's what they call it here, right?
Don't look. I'm not here. I'm just moving your furniture around.
Ok, ok, "ghost town..", we all get it. Time for some substance based posting.

As for the article itself, it's always interesting to see the ways the core algorithm behind search can change my use of the internet. Time for some speculation: looking at the direction of Google recently, I'm inclined to think that G+ will play a much greater role in the search results. More personalized results from your circles applied directly to the main search page, bypassing the Google+ internal search box. Another possibility is an expansion of near-real-time search results. I've read that this is something Google has been perfecting in the background for a while now. With Google+ as a content engine for this functionality, I could see this working out well.

Now... of course, I didn't subscribe, so the rest of the article is behind a paywall for me (Boooo!)

Maybe someone cool could post more of it here to Google+ and get some more in depth engagement (cough cough +Amir Efrati)
What do ghosts care about searching? What does a ghost search for, anyway?
Booo never knew ghosts would be so much fun. This ghost town party rocks!
+Amir Efrati you might want to try putting in some effort to your Google+ profile in order to really judge it. It's hard to hear criticism of someone regarding Google+ when their profile picture is merely ported over from Gmail. Just saying :)
While I applaud everyone's attempt to prove him wrong.. You're doing it wrong. You are not really engaging on this post anymore than he is. Rather than pointing out to him that there are people here that do post comments on stuff, why not let him know why he's not getting any real engagement?

That reason being that there's no reason that we should have to click away from here to read your stuff. If you want to entice us into reading the full article, how about posting something a little more meaty than an announcement of its existence? Maybe the first paragraph or two? Or even just something that doesn't feel like a reposted Tweet.

If you want Google+ users to engage, you have to earn that engagement. I'm not leaving this site to read your article, when I can probably find someone right here in Google+ actually talking about it.

Google+ users, if you want to change his perception of our social network, you'll need to offer something a little more interesting than text-based ghost impersonations.
I like that when I say something stupit google+ feels like a ghost town. I think it show that the 16,584,669 people of Google+ have more class than other sites being overun by 7th & 8th graders.
beetlejuice, beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!!!
ted kelly
Guys, I'm afraid it's true. G+ IS a ghost town... (I saw it on FOX News)
Dude you have no content. Give people a reason to follow you.
I'd care, but I'm dead, and ghosts don't need search engines.
I'm with +Joshua Jones - engagement is a two way street, you need to circle the right people and engage with content. Amazing what you can find here if you use it properly.
Ghost town? If you find it to be a ghost town, you're using it wrong.
+Joshua Jones - you teach the guy how to engage. I'm just sounding off, "Present and accounted for!"

I'm not the most "engaging" person in the world. I spend much more time reading than posting. Or, you could say that I spend more time learning than teaching.

But, while we're flapping our jaws on the subject of G+ - I've found that a lot of people have a lot of stuff to teach over here. Unlike that other social media site, where I learn little more than teens love sex, and new parents love their babies, and people of all ages love food and music. ;^)
Did I scare you? I guess I'm not really here (like all us other ghosts on G+).
Ah yes +Matt Cutts - Google the search engine that was never going to put a dent in Alta Vista. Whatever happened to Google anyway?
Pam Adger
I am not sure three articles from the WSJ all about Google search changes in the span of 15 minutes is useful or needed. One article then maybe an article on something other than Google, then a funny cat picture. You should change it up a little. Make things interesting. This place is not full of SEO junkies you know.
+Brad Kasprzak - I can definitely agree with the idea that Google is moving more and more towards Social fueling search results. I have to say that the few times I've done a search and seen things basically suggested by my friends, they have been high quality results. What is interesting to me is that other search engines will - and have - start to bitch and moan that they're not included in Google's real-time social search feature. Right now they want Google to pay them for that access, but since Google has their own social network now, the tables will turn. Twitter and Facebook will eventually realize that siding with Bing in the Search Wars is not working out for them. They will either attempt to introduce their own social searches, or they will hop onto the Google system.
I agree, +Pam Adger WSJ needs more cat gifs. It is a sadly neglected demographic.
+Joshua Jones Well said. I posted a quick comment here on what I read. I did the best with what I had from his article, but it was tough. His post is a case study in what NOT to do to get engagement here on Google+. He posts limited content. He links to an external article that is behind a paywall. His post doesn't add anything insightful to this article, and doesn't inspire me to purchase a subscription.
Boo! It may be a ghost town, but G+ is full of very active ghosts +Amir Efrati. Talking with people instead of at them may help you see all of the ghosts around you.
At the end of these Posts it turns out that YOU are the ghost and we are all alive, And my part is played by Nicole Kidman.

Research is the backbone of solid journalism, or something.
It smells stale here, going back to my community on G+.
The ghosts don't bother me... It's the demons you have to watch out for. Some of them like to disguise themselves as intelligent people then they spread lies and rumors. Perhaps the worst part is when they intentionally obfuscate the truth in order to damage others. When people start listening... the demons just disappear. It is weird and far worse than some disembodied spirit.
+Amir Efrati To whom are you posting this? There's as likely to be readers on GooglePlus as there is to be girls on the internet.
+Joshua Jones Might as well high-jack the comments a bit more. Great point about Facebook not having a meaningful internal search capability. It's one feature of G+ that is sorely lacking on other platforms. I use it frequently here on G+ for fast breaking news stories or some specific topics of interest for me. I agree with your thought that Google will not pay for access to the content from third parties simply to include it in their results. They have no need to pay as long as G+ keeps growing, even if the pace slows a bit here in the next few months.

Thanks for posting something meaningful BTW. I like having something interesting to read!
I love this ghost town. Such an interesting and eclectic group of ghosts!
Ghost town's are great. Just play RDR zombies edition. +Amir Efrati you can't win because there are too many!!
Wow, a bunch of comments that are even dumber than the ones I see at Facebook.

I guess this is the quality content that the G+ snobs are always crowing about.
Who are you people? Get off my lawn.
Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, the Traveller has come!
+Brian Arner your picture says it all. Self satisfied, condescending and judgmental. Perfect troll material for the internet. Enjoy yourself!
+Allen St. John: That's impossible. The Earth is flat, Google+ is a ghost town, and there are no women on the Internet. Everyone knows this.
But, soft: behold! lo where it comes again!
I'll cross it, though it blast me. - Stay, illusion!
If thou hast any sound, or use a voice.
Speak to me!

Who am I quoting?
You all know trolling him isn't really going to make him more G+ friendly right? Maybe offer constructive advice on improving his G+ experience. Share a circle of engagers. Link to some tips.....etc.
+Anna Bavido: That's from Hamlet, of course, person who is pretending to be a female since we all know that there are no females on the interwebz. :-)
+Pam Adger we did all that in previous posts of his. No response. Nothing. Nada. Now we turn to a humorous prodding.
Reposting my comment from +Fraser Cain 's thread here, possibly better chance that +Amir Efrati might see it:

Hey +Amir Efrati perhaps you could answer a question: is it ignorance or just lazy reporting when journalists do like for like comparisons between Facebook and G+ comparing numbers while completely ignoring the fact that Facebook started in 2004 and G+ started less than a year ago? Or when they ignore the facts, like the fact that Facebook took nearly a year to get 1 million 30 day returns, a figure far outstripped by G+ in 9 months? Do journalists actually do research these days? Just wondering....

Oh, and welcome to the Ghost Town....
+Brian Arner, I think your sense of humor might be in the lost and found dude, have you checked recently? I know life's gotta be rough without it.
A ghost town you say Mr +Amir Efrati? Then how come I have keep on pruning my circles just to be able to keep up with all the posts in my stream? Why do nearly 4500 people get my posts?
Many of us commented in those ways on his post of is WSJ "G+ is a ghost town" article.
Wow its quiet in here
Reposting from +Fraser Cain's post as well:

We should make this post of his Hot on Google+. =D Addon: Was this tried with his ghost town article?
+Pam Adger happy to play nice on his other posts, but I think one post full of hazing comments is fair game.
I'm a Ghost... Ghost... Ghost......
G+ is a social platform more than a social site. Yes it's learning from our posts, our shares, our likes, to be more efficient to become more of a personal assistant than a search engine. If the majority of us belive and reflect our true selves, the better Google will become at that transition. I for one, welcome the Google to come.
did we ever find out how the impressively tiny average number of 3 minutes/month spent on Google+ was calculated by the WSJ? (Obviously you'd want to be careful not to skew the figures due to the inactive/"signed up and not been back" users) I wish I only spent 3 minutes a month on here! If I could charge Google+ for my time I'd be a rich man.
I just scared the HELL out of everyone
To be fair to +Amir Efrati some of his posts are more verbose than this one, some don't even link to any external content, and in ones with significant comments in them he does respond to people if they pose a direct question as opposed to merely hinting at the same......

I've noticed scrolling through them that people take any post of his as an opportunity to berate him for other unrelated posts. From skim reading this particular article it seems to be well rounded enough, yet not many of the comments in this thread are in any way related to it....... note I said I only skim read it

If you want to have +Amir Efrati think that Google+ is a great place to engage and interact, jumping on every one of his posts to tell him you disagree with a previous post is not likely to win him over, it distracts the discussion and throws off other people who genuinely wanted to interact with the topic at hand.

If you want to comment on his G+ ghost town post you can do that here:
He posted the same damn thing five times and he gets Rewarded for it!??! I thought I grokked G+....
Not sure why we are welcoming you +Amir Efrati, seeing as how you've been on since June 2011 and I can only assume just haven't posted anything to attract attention to yourself. Maybe it's because as a geek, others would assume this a fake profile by the low quality profile pic possibly jacked from an old myspace account. Either way, a belated welcome to G+.
+Joshua Jones quick question, why should we really care about what +Amir Efrati thinks? Is there really value in an account that just spams teasers for paywalled articles in a news outlet that is a shadow of its former self? A sizable of the reporters that actually helped build the value of the 'brand' have quit, and it is routinely used as the punchline in journalism jokes. See:

This is the paper that ran articles intimating that the editors of other papers should face "repercussions" and "consequences" for covering material from +WikiLeaks. I honestly think that we could find much more interesting people to welcome and encourage to interact.
What's really funny, most of the people whom have engaged on this, are in my circles.
If you think that this is a ghost town, and you do not want to actually engage with all of us here . . . . go back from whence you came +Amir Efrati !
We don't like people who don't interact here . . . we boot them from our circles! Boo to your ghostly interaction or lack of I should say!
Of course, "ghost town" is a common phrase that has nowt to do with things going bump in the dark. But don't let that spoil the fun!
This thread really captures the spirit of G+. Now to remember the color of the button that keeps the trolls at bay......
+Elle Gray Best product review in a totally inappropriate place ever!
Did you have that tucked away, or did you make it up on the spot?
Whoa...think I just saw a ghost!
I've had better conversations with people on here than on any other platform. The signal to noise ratio is not only low but using the tools that are provided you can adjust it. Ghost Town... I don't think so. You evidently don't know how to socialize on a network.
Why can't boy ghosts have babies? Because they have Hallo-weenies! Bam. Deal with it.
+Shannon Weirich - exactly. All o the articles I have seen from people saying this is a ghost town have been from people that.......never log in here 0_o
Is this the stop for the Zombies?? Oh just ghosts, two doors down on the left got it! Thanks
Google+ the Ghost Town....riiiiiight. It must be all my ghostly friends leaving ghostly comments which means I have to check my ghostly notifications every ghostly minute because it's so ghostly quiet here: NOT.
+Jenny Lauer ...I was just about to comment on the Google search article...until I saw some of the comments. Half of them being "BOO" lol!

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!!!

slips into jumpsuit and straps on vacuum cleaner
ooh, I've never haunted anyone before. Is there an instruction manual?
Doomed to haunt a watery grave.
What the hell? How's a girl supposed to sleep with all y'all loud GHOSTS around here! I blame +Jenny Lauer for this! CURSES!
+Jenny Lauer - I think I prefer strips of cheesecloth. It's more ghosty-like. And it works or banshees and watery grave bound as well!
Hey these aren't just any old bed sheets! Egyptian cotton 1500 thread count, bitch!
Meirav M.
Seriously though, +Amir Efrati, the reason I'm here on G+ is because of the amazing level of engagement here, because of the fantastic opportunities to interact with interesting people, because when I post stuff here I actually get reactions - but, as others have said, this doesn't happen if you don't put effort into interacting, and it definitely won't happen if people see you as just throwing links at them all the time.
Google is trying hard to turn its search engine into a dominant AI knowledge base. Dominance, will ensure that whether it is iphone or android, whether it is Nuance or Siri, to continue to use Google as backend rather than bypassing it (which is what Steve Jobs wanted to do with Siri)
Jun C
poof appears Boo!!!! +Amir Efrati Muahahahahahaha... (maniacal laugh) disappears poof
Phew! Do you people have any idea how long it took to +1 all of you??? At first i just thought i was being nice(didn't look at the size of the scroll bar) and then all of a sudden i realised that much more people than i had anticipated had arrived here from this so called "Ghost Town". Oh well thanx for the light hearted read people, really enjoyed it with my first Mug of coffee.
I ain't afraid of no ghost
hehe... not totally dead in here... sheesh if one realizes how often that article is quoted to "show" Google+ is dead... err.
+Ronald Boadi - I would have no problem welcoming +Amir Efrati if he was more than a bot pimping articles from the WSJ which are behind a paywall anyway. You know what I normally do with spam bot accounts? I block them.

If he really wants to engage on G+ then I suggest he starts not acting like a WSJ spam bot. Until such time however, every spam bot post he makes is likely to be greeted with howls of derision. Lazy journalism and spam bot accounts are pretty much not welcome here. Real people with real things to say who make real comments on their accounts are welcome.

Maybe he is a hacking know what those Murdoch rags are like after all. Watch your phones!
+Amir Efrati ghost is not politically correct. Many of us prefer 'poltergeist' or 'post-corporal soul'. Really, a WSJ journalist should know better!
Amir Efrati is the only ghost here.
No presence whatsoever.
I can see right through you! woot!
Boo! We may be a "ghost town", but we're a very restless one.
+Amir Efrati Boo, mo-fo. What a coward you are, dude. My dogs have more balls than you, and they were all neutered.
Rod Dunne
The ultimate irony is +Amir Efrati is using a ghost writer for his G+ posts ;p
OOOooooohhh, why did you leave me here to dieeeeee alonnneeeee....BOO
Welcome to G+. Hope you find more than a mouthful of humour and tongues-in-cheek comments. You sure know how to create interest by releasing a negative comment.
seems like heaps of ghosts here to me!!! BOOO
Can't stop, gotta go clear the tumbleweed.
This is the scariest thread I've seen on Google+!
+Joshua Jones I take exception to your comment that we are not attempting to haunt have meaningful engagement with 'hit and run' +Amir Efrati . I suggest it's Amir who's the unsporting, non engaging culprit. Really, who doesn't reply after 220 comments (and counting) on his thread? ;p
Is muting your own post akin to pulling the sheets over your head so you don't see ghosts?
Yes, it's so horrible here. Though part of that may be related to people that lack understand how communication works, So booooo
If Google+ is dead, I'm loving the afterlife.
+Amir Efrati : Do you know how I come to know about your existence? Through a link to your profile (of a Ghost-town social network) on Google News!
This is not the comment you're looking for.
Ghost town? but i have never seen dead people, they are very happy in Ghost town. i would like to live in ghost town. and you all?
Talking about ghost towns... Does Wall Street Journal still exist.
Who reads newspapers nowadays ?
I am just a fig newton of your imagination...
There's nobody here, and neither am I.
Also: boo!
Apparently I'm a ghost, so I better embrace it:
Booooo! BOOOOO!!!
Be afraid; be very afraid!
i'm terrified! ... all those ghosts here ... get me OUT OF HERE!!! ...
Haha. Ghost town my ass. You moron.
You can't see me....But I am here.......Boo!!
craig I
There can't be so many comments
is anyone here.... sh.... sccobydoo where are you?
Pretty damn impressive for a ghost town
I wish you hadn't done that, +Robert Craven There's a new woman at work. She looks just like that short brunette. Same hair, same body, same facial shape. I sing "Scooby dooby doo, where are you" whenever I walk past her. LMAO
Over 200 post and counting, yeah, a ghost town...... I believe you ;)
Rahul Roy
+Amir Efrati Why You Think Google+ is a Ghost Town
1) Paid by google's competitors.
2) You need more attention.
3) You haven't used it yet.
4) You still use Bing or Yahoo as your primary search engine.
5) You have no idea what Google+ is.
6) You are an internet illiterate.(new to internet)
7) You hate Google because you work at Google's competitor.
8) You are doing it wrong --> you should circle more people.
9) You don't like free useful apps by Google.
10) You are losing your organic traffic.
11) You are from another universe Original post:

The recipe for Google+ happiness

Be persistent and patient.

It's best to be openly yourself, honest to self & all.
Post what you like best.
Interact, engage and be interested in other people.
Don't shout ME ME ME from the rooftops.
Don't belittle others, don't make snide remarks, don't be a douchebag.

Google+ is full of intelligent people from all walks of life and those with whom you have something in common are sometimes hard to find, but keep on looking:

Use the Search, comment on interesting threads, circle a lot of people and don't try to please all and sundry, but focus on your own likes in your posts.
Then you'll produce meaningful content straight from your heart.

And before you know, you'll be surrounded with like-minded people.

This guy is totally a Facebook junkie. People that do not understand G+ automatically say the dumbest things about it. Silly rabbit. Facebook is for kids.
Wonder if I'll get in Before the 500 limit is reached?
Testing is this thing on?
Must be broke. I see no response from +Amir Efrati although he must be checking his stream, right? I wonder what number his red notification box is up to?
Simon B
It's like a ghost town in here. Hey Google+ why u no comment!?
+Gord Birch Because constructing sentences while a ghost is harder than it seems.
All of these comments must not exist, since nobody uses Google+
+Cora Reed your right, so was adding all those comments, this ghost needs glasses, after I added them I found the counter :)
This place is too haunted for me... I'm gonna go look for a quieter corner of the web.
I thought social shares sometimes amplified things too far and in an way that's too sensational. But my God the media is just copying each other in trying to slam Goog+. What a great thread!!
Hello... Hello! Is there anyone there?...
I just got here, as the other 1000 people in my streams have been keeping me rather busy.
but did +Amir Efrati get here? I mean I don't think I have seen us, maybe he doesn't believe in Ghosts? But he can't call something a ghost town if he doesn't believe in ghosts eh?
This place gives me the creeps.
Hey... don't throw stones at ghosts! We don't like it!
Hey Everyone! Did you notice +Amir Efrati has been deliberately ignoring us? So far, he's posted eight new messages since this one. There's a new form of journalism - stick your head in the sand. See, nothing exists!
Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! rocks on
im a skeery skeery ghost. consider yourself haunted.
310 ghosts, no +Amir Efrati engagement (yes, I just checked). Hmmmmmmmm . . . .


rattles silverware
Woooo! (floats about haunting)
S... THIS is the great anticipated response to this post.
The passionate G+ support & call that went "wildly viral" in shares/reposts to show up those nay-sayers by checking in on this has garnered a grand total of a MERE 300+ comments?!?!
Where's the 1000s of comments I was promised when I kept being hyperlinked to this post?!
Only 300+ check-ins/ comments, respectfully, are a bit embarrassing of a turnout...
(Including a few who are equally non"plussed" by the withering energy in here)
Math/stats don't lie. 300+ may not be a ghost-town, so please offer a more positive term for what this echo-chamber seems?!
+su ann lim, I think he may have simply moved on since the lack of an impressive response sorta proved his point...
+Roger Brasslett , & I'd LOVE to see these 100s of peers possibly respond, I love this site & i've a few thousand in my own circles,
yet most except a few prodigious peers ever bother to post anything in any circle.
Most of em agree that the party left a long time ago
Again respectfully posting on here in hopes G+ gets going...someday
Now playing: The Specials, "Ghost Town".
+Amir Efrati if you don't socialise spend time on #G+ comment back, add some more #sharedcircles then I guess +Google+ may forever be a #ghosttown for you, not responding to questions and comments is not being very social is it?
i have commented on this before, but i'm a so-called returning ghost ... boo! ...
[Offstage: Bells ringing, then silence. Sound of chain scraping along the ground. Sepulchral voice: ] "I wear the chain I posted in life, link by link, word by word. I girded it on of my own free will." [A specter appears, gliding easily through the G+ logo.] "Mark it well, your unwillingness to engage has made a greater chain for you!" The ghost continued, "You may yet escape my fate, you will be haunted by several of your old posts." [The ghost fades back through the search box.]
Google+ isn't a Ghost town. It only looks that way if you choose to not connect with people and no one wants to share with you.
+Amir Efrati Quoting from the #Bloomberg interview at #SXSW with +Vic Gundotra note about the growth of #Google +, in which he addresses remarks that G+ is a "ghost town" and its not needing to "jam advertising into your children's photos," instead of placing it where it is relevant. G+ will enable Google to make all of its products better because of Google's better understanding of G+ members' needs and interests.

“Google+ could be viewed as Google 2.0,” he said. “Google+ is the next generation of all of Google becoming unified because it understands you and your relationships. And so all services get better.”

Google+ Aims to More Than Double Users This Year, Executive Says at:
Who ya gonna call? Ghost Plussers!
Of course it looks like a ghost town here when you are so full that no one cares to pay attention to you. 
Still no engagement in this thread +Amir Efrati?
No answer to +rahul roy, no words of wisdom in response here, or on threads where you have been #tagged?
I guess we must wait for his #future #article where he uses this as research without leaving his #Ivorytower after all why engage in +Google+ conversation, when instead you can just be paid for words and call it #churnalism after all accuracy, research, ethics and balance require effort as does talking to people.. not impressed...
Sheesh it's so quiet here, I feel so alone ... guess I'll just go elsewhere....
+Susanne Ramharter Its the quiet of thought ... contrasting with the chatter of #NewsCorp's Facebook investment flacker Fox Street Journal.
+Douglas Simpson , now that you have explained it , I feel much better here - I do so enjoy hearing people think instead of espousing mindless garbage.
Hello +Amir Efrati
[ a newspaper blows across the street, headline reads; ]
[ "Mindless Ghosts & their Ghosttown Garbage..." ]
+Susanne Ramharter and +Douglas Simpson would you agree that Public Relations 101 says +Amir Efrati should take this chance to engage with people to reach out, build bridges and enlarge his personal following on #G+ but no he continues his planned hit and run posting and for him G+ may well remain a #ghosttown which is sad, he is #plussing like a #facebooker ::Sigh::
+Michael Beckett ... +Amir Efrati is a WSJ journalist, not a person whose job or interest is in "engagement," nor in the WSJ P.R. unit. Even if he were, I would not expect him to spend his time here instead of doing his job.
So what +Douglas Simpson? He published an extremely lazy piece filled with partial truths. He should be answerable for it. The days of hiding your words and yourself behind the edifice your editors or publication are dead.
+Douglas Simpson I cannot imagine any journalist not being expected to be a proficient social media professional -- whether their medium of choice is recycled dead trees or one comprised of electrons. If +Amir Efrati was savvy he would show up and stir this pot of post-corporal souls - independent of whether his observation was correct or not. 
come out of your shell, and join us...
we all float... and down here... you will float too!!

Being Human among Humans and Interacting Humanly... that is the first job of every Human... and should take priority over all other concerns
(assuming one knows how to feed and cloth one's self)

however, engaging in hypocritically Being a Ghost and Representing WSJ or any other non-natural persona entity as a self-loathing Ghost Hater is not...
all other "jobs" one might take on as a vocation in life, are largely the illusion of junk-collectors and anti-social nutcases.... sorry, but them is the facts...

be human or don't call others ghosts, you kettle of pot! :p
Then again +Michael Beckett , +Bill Hughes , +Douglas Simpson ; it takes a certain kind of genius to manage to engage so many people for so long with so little effort - just look at us here: the guy writes a post of less than 50 words and gets 340 comments - so much energy - for exactly what, actually?
touché amoré +Susanne Ramharter, but are we really interacting with the elusive +Amir Efrati, the more present meme-ability of the term... or each others engagment with the topic?
one can only supose... but I vote for the inverse of that list in priority... at least from my own perspective.
beware the eyes of the Lurker, for the audiance will haunt you for eternity if you sleep only upon stages...
+William Mims You ask: "are we really interacting with the elusive +Amir Efrati, the more present meme-ability of the term... or each others engagment with the topic?" ... of course, the latter.
+Ted Ewen You assert: "The days of hiding your words and yourself behind the edifice your editors or publication are dead." I suggest that is not true in #NewsCorp 's organization, which includes #WallStreetJournal , #FoxNews and the British/Australian rags now under investigation for allegedly corrupting the government and police of the U.K.. NewsCorp is a propaganda machine, as such it need not interact, as its fanbase of "dittoheads" need only the feed from NewsCorp's feed chute, and the opportunity to engage among themselves until the next feeding.
+William Mims , you are right - just as fighting siblings will never reconcile as quickly as when a parent suddenly scolds them both - so has whoever this guy is managed to get all of us engaged with each other - how else would I have really gotten into discourse with such great people?
We should thank him, he has done us a service, whether he wanted to or not.
Last night, I finally got around to watching a fellow Google plusser's share that I had bookmarked a few days ago. It was a full-length vid of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The ignorant and ill-informed protagonist played by Jimmy Stewart confronts a bunch of jaded journalists who have merrily mis-captioned a photo of him holding his nose while attempting to do a bird whistle (Mr. Smith gets a whiff of D.C.!) He punches a few in the face in the street and finally lands in a bar, cornered by a pack of them. They mercilessly tell him he is a silly goose and is being taken in by a political machine. And you know what, he listens to them, despite how hard it was to do that. They did him a favour and he was able to fight back the political machine. +Amir Efrati, you could do worse than learning a lesson from Hollywood. Ghosts can dream, I guess.
Google + is so dead it even has ghosts from China.
I begin to wonder if the turnout is proving our point our his. Booo! again anyway.
You're seeing things running through your head?
+Amir Efrati clearly isn't listening to +Mark Traphagen or the rest of us or perhaps he just isn't that into interaction...
I wonder who could rattle his chain?
Perhaps +Robert Scoble or +Mike Elgan might be kind enough to express our Ghostly disquiet, I think some intervention would be good for +Google+ ... ::Shrugs:: What do others think?
I am sure +Amir Efrati is telling himself that he should have collected more money from Facebook for the "Google is a Ghost town" piece, considering the amount of vituperation he is receiving here
is it over? am i late for the battle, father?
. . . . er, uh, uhm . . . BOO!?!
Hey +Amir Efrati, sorry to hear you're still stuck on Facebook. Maybe it will become more intelligent & relevant oneday. Keep hoping :)

Until then, enjoy hearing about what people are having to eat, or about to have to eat, or about their friend's cousin's night out that you didn't go to.
I'm no one.  I'm a middle aged, empty nest syndrome mother.  I have fibromyalgia, so I'm home now.  I'm not famous.  I don't "hang" with famous people.  At least not before +Google+ .   And even the "famous" people I have in my circles, and vice versa, probably wouldn't consider themselves that for the most part.

I got in during beta testing when you had to get invited.  I currently have 1,713 people that have circled me, and I have circled 2,769.  I have learned all kinds of things about science, technology, video game design, art, photography, politics, gaming, and even fibromyalgia.  The list could go on.

Facebook is where my family and friends are at, and I keep my account there for them.  But +Google+ is what I like to think of as where the cool kids hangout.  Even the not so cool ones, like me.  And we all feel welcome, and share ideas, and get into debates and discussions, and even have these things called "hangouts", which I just recently had my first introduction to due to shyness.  There's no drama like you find on other social network sites.

+Google+ has become my informal college, my grad school, the place I learn just about anything I might ever have a question about.  I even learn about things unknown to me previously, or things I had never even thought about.

Which I think is very fitting.  After all, it's by +Google 
Die Geister die ich rief ...
If I had every dead persons face in this book, Google wouldn't be a ghost town. Wild Western style...
What's everyone talking about?
[ holow silence with very faint dragging scrape ] 
oooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo wwoooooooooooooooooooooooo
+Paul Joe - +Amir Efrati is famous for declaring that Google+ is a ghost town. This post is just confirming that for him; all the ghosts are showing up
        ###, ,##, ,##,
        #  # #  # #  #
        ###  #  # #  #
        #  # #  # #  #
        ###' '##' '##'
            /  (
           /    \
          /      \ 
         /  0  0  \
 ((()   |    ()    |   ()))
 \  ()  (  .__.  )  ()  /
  |` \/ \  `""`  / \/ `|
  |       `.'--'.`       |
   \        `""`        /
    \                  /
     `.              .'    ,
      |`             |  _.'|
      |              `-'  /
      \                 .'
Hi! I'm Polter van Geist, star quarter-front of the Ghost Town Ghosts and this is my favourite post on Google+
I hear they're going to have the Internet on computers soon...
I am a figment of my own imagination.
Hey, I'm part of this ghost town too...BOO!
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