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Hey #Android  fans: want to know what's coming up in the next release, called #kitkat ? You can get a sneak peek here:

You want more #Bluetooth capabilities? Check. #NFC card emulation? Check.  Support for low-memory devices (including #wearables)? Check. Support for step counters and other sensors that are perfect for wearable devices? Check, check, check.
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How are they going to push their partners to update? 
I'd love to hear more about those technical improvements you alluded to at the end of the article. I'm so happy they're being aggressive and not just adding cosmetic changes.
Any news on the Google TV front?
The Information I have doesn't include anything specific on Google TV. More focused on the core Android platform than specific Google products. +Dan Polfer 
+Daniel Cook That's always been a challenge. Tough to force that. But the hope is that at least all new devices will have current version.
Any changes to Google Keep to integrate better with Now and Drive?  Any other Now updates?  Any change to how they handle SD cards?  Battery life improvements somehow (Roadrunner)?
This is shaping up to be pretty fascinating stuff, and has been ever since the initial KitKat announcement and the 'making an amazing Android experience available to all' line. What I want to know is if the plan is to somehow make it possible yo bring KitKat to old Android devices. Like my 1st-gen GTV!
Any word on an upgrade path for older phones? Some rumors pointed to a new app drawer, new lock screen, more voice integration and changes to location tracking. Any info there? Thanks!
+Nicholas Rumas Google wants to make it easier for OEMs/carriers to push updates to existing devices, but don't hold your breath. These things can't be forced very easily.
Any mention of the Google Experience Launcher (the stock launcher) being broken out as a Play Store app? 
+Brett Weinstein The lock screen will show fullscreen
album art and media controls when music is playing. The Information i have doesn't involve voice or path for older devices. As i mentioned to +Nicholas Rumas, that is always a troublesome thing. 
+Michael Lavi Keep and Now are individual products so I don't have anything on them. As for battery power, there is support for sensor results batching so that sensors have improved power optimization and accuracy. Sensor events will be delivered more efficiently in batches rather than individually. The device’s application processor would stay in a low-power state until batches get delivered. There's also WiFi batching and audio tunneling that will help reduce battery consumption.
Any mention of VOIP support in Hangouts?
+Amir Efrati what kind of changes are coming to multi tasking and the notification bar? I can't believe people keep asking about individual apps...this is a OS UPDATE. 
Awesome - thanks! Anything happening with Miracast and/or Chromecast?
+Matt Carner The Information i have doesn't relate to specific products like Hangouts, only the platform level.
+Amir Efrati is android changing the way it multi tasks for the sake of battery? Does the multi tasking screen have any card elements to it now? I really am interested in this. 
Anything about moto x style always on microphone?
WiFi batching; +Amir Efrati is that similar to what iOS 7 does for background syncing?

What about audio latency? Anything on touch latency? Also, will the sensor updates improve the screen auto-rotate speed?

Also, what +Eric Anderson said in his last two posts.
+Eric Anderson Keep is now being shipped as a system app, as is Google Now. Since there was so much talk about Wallet, I was wondering if there were other system apps getting upgrades. 
+Michael Lavi I think questions about Google now are appropriate as it seems to be integrated into the OS to a greater degree. Its the continued questions about hangouts and other apps which +Amir Efrati can't answer. 
+Eric Anderson Fair enough. The Information I haven't doesn't address specific Google products, I'm afraid. You can expect Google Now to improve a lot over time.
So nexus 5 on halloween or friday?
+Rob Barnes No but if Moto can do it, other OEMs could. I'd be curious to know from real life Moto users what they think of that feature. Commercials make it seem sweet.
+Amir Efrati that comment wasn't directed towards you necessarily. Please answer my previous questions regarding multitasking and notification bar :) also please answer +Colton Walker question on touch latency. thank you for breaking the news!
+Alvin Nguyen Yes, KitKat supports printing over WiFi,
Bluetooth, hosted services like Google Cloud
Print. You will be able to print images, Docs, Gmail, other content. And printer manufacturers can use new APIs, develop their own print services, services for talking to specific types of printers.
Is Google Now gonna be implemented similarly like in MotoX, as default? I mean the constant speech recognition going on. Is it going to be optional for manufacturers to include, maybe?
+Colton Walker I'm afraid I can't speak to iOS7. I'm an Android user. The Information i haven't doesn't speak to latency or rotate speeds.
Any News for Moto X like touchlessa control and Google hotword ?
+Amir Efrati Same here; all Nexus for me! I've read up about the new multitasking on Apple's website and on some blogs is all. It basically updates internet-based info for different apps in a batch when possible to save on activating the Wi-Fi chip all the time.

As for latency and rotation, thanks anyway!
whens it being announced?  today right?
+Matthew DiGiacomo Well, there's an enhanced notification, access notification listener services that see more information about incoming notifications, via a builder API, whatever that means!
+Amir Efrati  Any new features related to the Android Device Manager? What about trusted/authenticated Bluetooth devices mentioned above?
+Brett Weinstein The Information I have on Bluetooth doesn't go beyond what I reported in the article linked at the top of this post. They're definitely expanding support for this stuff.
Here are some things I haven't mentioned before: there will be something called integrated storage access framework, which makes it easier to browse, open docs/images/other files across all of your preferred storage providers, local or in cloud.
Anyone care about HTTP Live Streaming support? If so, you're in luck. KitKat can do that.
There's new form of WebView based on Google
Chromium. Supports latest web standards support, HTML5 compatibility to build/display web-based content in applications.
+Daniel Matte See earlier comments. Several features meant to help reduce sensor' power usage.
+Daniel Matte  See above... "As for battery power, there is support for sensor results batching so that sensors have improved power optimization and accuracy. Sensor events will be delivered more efficiently in batches rather than individually. The device’s application processor would stay in a low-power state until batches get delivered. There's also WiFi batching and audio tunneling that will help reduce battery consumption."
Any mention of low latency audio, or audio at all?
+Andy Clark Besides the audio tunneling I mentioned, there are new audio monitoring tools in visualizer effect that provide updates to apps on peak/other levels of playing audio. There's also something about audio timestamps being reported to apps, telling them when specific audio frame presented off-device to user...
Any updates or enhancements to Project Butter or other graphics pipeline changes? +Amir Efrati thanks again for doing this.
All right, folks. I'm signing off. This was fun! Thanks for all the questions. Let me know how you like KitKat once it's out. 
Will be out tomorrow? 
Jay Cai
+Amir Efrati 2 More questions, is the technology Google recently announced they acquired from FlexyCore that claims to make Android run up to 10x faster included in KitKat, or was it already integrated? Or a future feature? Also is the new KitKat still using Linux kernel 3.4 or more recent 3.10?
is the status bar icon color changeable ? i liked the current one more
Do you know how was "android experience for everione" ment? Will there be any way to enjoy kitkat for us who cant aford new phone and our phone manufacturer doesnt care about our model anymore? Or are custom roms the only way?
will samsung galaxy Y run kitkat?
maybe some updates in the default email.apk? this is falling a bit behind, haven't seen an update since 4.0
Great with all this information, appreciate it. 
Rumours have it, that Optmus 2X will receive a KitKat update as well, anything you can confirm about that? After all, it is a Google device :-)
If Google and their Android partners won't update older 2.x devices to KitKat, it will greatly diminish the number of customers that return for newer devices.  Android users are getting tired of poor support, unpatched security, and planned obsolescence.
So true Aaron, and as Google has pointed out the low RAM requirement as one of the main KitKat features, they have no excuse to not finalize the updates. Show support and regain the loyalty of your old customers.
Do you have any information on what Host Card Emulation HCE means? or how someone can start using it?+Amir Efrati 
+Ted Fifelski Besides the summary in my original article, you should have all the info you need from the Android KitKat site... 
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