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Amine Benaichouche

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Hello and Welcome. I am a Particle Physicist. I worked at CERN. I have an Algerian Bachelor's degree in Theoretical Physics. I have an Algerian Master's degree in Theoretical Physics and its Belgian equivalent, and a French Master's degree in Subatomic Physics and Astrophysics. I was a PhD student in Algeria for two years and I wasn't interested in the topic and stopped working on it. I am a Science Communicator. A wanna-be Philosopher. In Physics and Cosmology I am interested in Supersymmetry, Quantum Gravity and String Theory. In Philosophy I am interested in Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion and Political Philosophy. I am also interested in Psychoanalysis and Cultural Analysis. 
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Amine Benaichouche

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Good question and answer on Quora:

What should I do in a situation when I need to study hard but I can't?

1- Can’t Concentrate - just coming from my college or part-time job. So, I am tired, sleepy, etc.

2- Frustated- Back to back failures in subjects.I can't study.

3- Motivated - but a lot of pressure can't come up

4- Thinking a lot about my family debts and my loan debts.I got 4 arrears in second semester Cse.

An answer:
Try one or all the strategies to concentrate on studies.

1- Get to know your brain better

You can study better if you know when your mind is in its best state. Identify it and study in that specific period to be productive in studies. Schedule your study in specific period.

Like, in morning, mind is in most active stage. So, whatever you study in early morning, you can understand and remember it easily.

And, as day passed by, the energy level of your brain reduces. And, it hinders your mind to focus and grasp at the max while studying.

To identify when your mind is in its best state, keep a log of one week’s performance. Analyse it and schedule your study accordingly.

2- Ask yourself, “Why’re you doing this?”

If you’ve a reason, you give your best shot. Identify your reason for studying. Why are you doing this? Have a detailed explanation. And, your mind will help you to strategically think and plan to study.

Having a reason improves your cognitive ability and you able to focus while studying.

3- Get committed to achieve one study goal daily.

Probably, you can’t study all the books and subjects in a day. But, you can read and understand the gist of a chapter in a day.

Every morning, decide a study goal and work to achieve it by the end of the day.

One goal because it doesn’t burden much in the existing lined up tasks. It seems achievable and practical to the mind.

4- Start expecting big things.

When you expect big things, you like to make an attempt to fulfill it. Visualize the success of studying in your future life. When you expect and visualize its success, you’ll be influenced by it.

That’s what will motivate you to study regardless of all the struggles you facing.

5- Celebrate your accomplishments. Treat yourself

If you studied a chapter and understood its contents, then its time for celebration. Treat yourself by rewarding something you want to do or have.

Just celebrating such small accomplishments will encourage your body and mind to do more and more and give best efforts while studying. Because after accomplishment, some reward will be waiting.

#PhilosophyOfEverydayLife #Therapy #Psychology #Psychoanalysis #Motivation #Studying #Tips #Quora
Answer (1 of 39): Try one or all the strategies to concentrate on studies. * Get to know your brain better You can study better if you know when your mind is in its best state. Identify it and study in that specific period to be productive in studies. Schedule your study in specific period. Li...
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Do you really think that TV, Radio, Facebook are the biggest things that prevent people from focusing? Many people can't focus and can't concentrate because of personal problems and social pressure.
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Amine Benaichouche

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Nietzsche intended On the Genealogy of Morality as a “supplement” and “clarification” to his previous book, Beyond Good and Evil. Although it is often prized as his most important and systematic work, Nietzsche himself conceived it as a “small polemical pamphlet,” one that might help him sell more copies of his earlier writings. It clearly merits, though, the level of attention it receives from commentators and can justifiably be regarded as one of the key texts of European intellectual modernity. It is a deeply disturbing book that makes for an unnerving and disconcerting read. For shock value no other modern text on the human condition rivals it. Nietzsche himself was well aware of the character of the book. There are moments in the text where he reveals his own sense of shock at what he is discovering about human origins and development, especially the perverse nature of the human animal, the being he calls “the sick animal” (GM III. 14): “There is so much in man that is horrifying! . . . The world has been a madhouse for too long!” (GM II. 22). In Ecce Homo Nietzsche discloses that an “art of surprise” guides each of the three essays that make up the book and admits that they merit being taken as among the “uncanniest” things ever scripted. He then stresses that his god, Dionysus, is also “the god of darkness”.

Indeed, the Genealogy is one of the darkest books ever written.

#Nietzsche #Philosophy #NietzschePhilosophy #NietzscheStudies
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+Han Cao Thank you very much, you are most welcome, have a nice day Han ;- )
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Amine Benaichouche

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I'm thankful. Thanks God I'm gifted. But I am also a workaholic, I've worked very hard to improve myself. So you can call me in Hip-Hop jargon "Dope", "ill", "Sick", "Bananas", "Crazy", or you can call me "Smart", "Genius", "Clever", "Nerd", "Quick-Witted", "Geek", you can even call me "Cocky", "Smartass", or even "Smarty-Pants" as long as you don't call me "Weirdo", "Freak" or "Cold" because I'm not socially awkward, I'm kinda cool and pretty awesome, even though I like to be alone, but I like people too, and as a matter of fact, my solitude doesn’t depend on the presence or absence of people; on the contrary, I hate who steals my solitude without, in exchange, offering me true company.
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+David Taubner You always get me right ;-)
I respect you more for your musical creativity, this is something I can never do, and even though I can't go on without music, my creativity is scientific and philosophical, bounded and restricted to the physical world, but you, you can go beyond the physical world and create uplifting art that I will never figure out how to do it. I salute you. 
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Amine Benaichouche

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Somehow, I could square Nietzsche with Hegel. (at least in this early period of my life and career which is not deep and professional philosophically, so this could be an illusion or misunderstanding, and it could be that I am right).
Slavoj Žižek admitted that he is aware that he misses a great thing by not understanding Nietzsche. But I think that Zizek is too Hegelian and too Marxist that he can not be a Nietzschean. Perhaps FN's anti-Socialist rhetoric is off-putting for Zizek.

#Philosophy #Zizek #Nietzsche #Hegel #Marx #Modernism #Postmodernism 
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there is a real connection between Marx and Nietzsche because both starting from materiality of life. Marx philosophy starting from Hegel and his natural dialectic.
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Amine Benaichouche

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I've lost 17 Kg in 10 weeks. I need to lose 4 Kg to reach my normal weight but I don't want to because I like how I look for the moment. I'm not sure if I look like a nerd like I'm supposed to, but I think I look handsome, serious, a freaking G but charming (not sure about a charming freaking G lol jk)
;- )
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Amine Benaichouche

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Baby With DNA From Three People Born Using First-Of-Its-Kind Fertilization Method
A successful mitochondrial donation procedure has resulted in a healthy baby born with DNA from three people. At least one in 40,000 newborns are born with the severe neurological disorder carried by the boy's mother.
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+Gopindra Hannigan That's why I don't call it "a creation"
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Amine Benaichouche

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I've engaged in the new "Google Translate Community" project, I've selected the three languages that I know: Arabic, French and English.
I didn't study translation in the university, but I've read some books and I kinda know some techniques and have some skills, plus I have been doing translations French-English Arabic-English English-Arabic French-Arabic and Arabic-French for five years now (with French and Arabic a little bit more than five years).

#Google #GoogleTranslate #GoogleTranslateCommunity
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+Amine Benaichouche You are quite right. I still speak some German (I was born in Austria, moved to Canada when I was five), and I have noticed that same problem even in books with simple subjects.
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Amine Benaichouche

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Animals That Are Immune to Radiation

The Secret is Out: Scientists Figured Out How Tardigrades Became Immune to Radiation
Japanese researchers have discovered the secret to one of the tardigrade's most impressive abilities. Tardigrades are immune to high levels of radiation and it's all because of a protein. It turns out, human biology may be capable of developing it, too.
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+David Taubner I didn't think about that as well. You are absolutely right.
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Amine Benaichouche

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Now I am equipped to answer the question “What is the world?” The world is neither the totality of things nor the totality of facts, but it is that domain in which all existing domains are found. All domains that exist belong to the world. The world is, as Martin #Heidegger accurately formulated it, “the domain of all domains.” My view that the world does not exist accordingly amounts to the claim that there is no such thing as the domain of all domains. This leaves room for the position that there are all sorts of domains, just that they are not building blocks of a bigger, all-encompassing domain.
As I will show in a future essay, the philosophical history of the concept of the world did not end with Heidegger. For Heidegger too at best indicated what follows from his concept of the world. Because we are concerned with knowledge of the world and its non-existence, what Heidegger actually intended naturally does not concern us. Still, we are thankful to him for the insight that the world is the domain of all domains (and, in so doing, with a friendly wave we leave him behind).

#Philosophy #PhilosophyOfScience #Postmodernism 
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okz dont worry amine u send num i call u okz i am indian 
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Amine Benaichouche

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What is Money? - Part one

What is money? Where does it come from? and what does it represent?

#Marxism #Economics #Money
What is money? Where does it come from? and what does it represent?
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+David Taubner You think money is a curse, try getting change for 2 chickens and a goat the next time you're paying your electric bill.
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Amine Benaichouche

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7 things you didn’t know about CERN and the strange world of particle physics

#ParticlePhysics #CERN #LHC 
The Large Hadron Collider is colder than outer space, 95% of the universe is unknown and other surprising facts about CERN's ambitious experiments.
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+John Lawrence Actually learn some physics before you say that. :)
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Particle Physicist, Self-made Philosopher (I am not a victim of APS though), figuring things out.
I can play Football (Soccer) with both my legs. I'm also a Shaolin fighter: Whipass. I didn't mention my super mental abilities: When you're so good that you can't say it beause it ain't even cool for you to sound cocky anymore.
  • CERN, Switzerland.
    Summer student, Research assistant, 2010 - 2012
    Anomalous Gauge Couplings in the Bosonic sector of the Standard Model. Professional Training with CMS experiment.
  • Center for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology - CP3, Belgium.
    Research assistant, Experimental Particle Physics, 2011 - 2012
    Two photons physics at the LHC with CMS experiment. Anomalous Gauge Couplings in the Bosonic sector of the Standard Model. Development of a Cherenkov detector.
  • Université de Paris-Sud, France.
    Physics Tutor, 2012 - 2013
    Taught Classical Mechanics and Electricity to undergraduate students.
  • Ain-Bayda High School, Oran, Algeria.
    High school teacher, 2010 - 2011
    Taught Physics and Chemistry.
  • Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert CURIEN (IPHC), France & CERN
    Internship, 2015 - 2015
    Search for Supersymmetry in the Higgs sector. LHC-CMS experiment at CERN.
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Strasbourg, France
Châteauroux, France - Paris, France - Brussels, Belgium - Geneva, Switzerland - Utrecht, Netherlands - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Oran, Algeria
I don't play dice! I'm a Physicist.
"Like all young men I set out to be a genius, but mercifully laughter intervened."

My posts are about the following topics:

Particle Physics (also known as High Energy Physics), Cosmology, Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, Religions, Psycho-analysis, Cultural-analysis,
CERN, Some geekery stuff, Music, Movies, Sarcasm, Coffee, Football (Soccer) and many other stuff. 
  • I am a Theoretical & Experimental Particle Physicist. 
  • I am a self-made Philosopher & Cultural Critic.
  • I'm pretty awesome, a crackerjack!
  • Interested in Fundamental Physics. Nature of Space-Time, Energy and Matter. Quantum Gravity. Nature of Mathematics.
  • Interested in Science Communication.
  • I do Philosophy.
  • I am a Nietzschean (Even though I actually disagree with Nietzsche on many things).
  • My school of thought is Nietzschean-Hegelean-Camusian-Wittgensteinist. 
  • I like computers.
  • I like history.
  • I'm a Creativity and Beauty Lover.
  • I like art.
  • I like theaters.
  • I like Classical Music. 
  • I am sometimes very sarcastic. Sometimes my posts are tongue in cheek.
  • I have so much respect for creative and smart people.
  • My posts are not always random, I try to expose what's on my mind and share with you my views about the world and the universe around us via my page. 
  • I am a Shaolin fighter.
  • I play Football (Soccer).
  • Huge Eminem and Zidane fan.
  • and yes, I am addicted to caffeine!
Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.

I am no man, I am a dynamite!

I am actually in one of Britney Spears G+ circles, and I really don't know why! 

Bragging rights
I didn't post a picture of a cat in my whole entire life lol.. I was the first one who did the biggest live-streamed science hangout on G+ for more than 90 minutes talking about modern physics, time travel, CERN and so on... nah, seriously, nothing yet! just three Master's degrees in Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics and working at CERN in Geneva & Meeting Prof Gerard 't Hooft in Utrecht! I earned a Bachelor's degree in Theoretical Physics when I was 20 and started a PhD two years later...
  • University of Strasbourg, France.
    Master's degree in Subatomic Physics & Astrophysics, Thesis on Experimental Particle Physics, 2014 - 2015
    Thesis: Search for Supersymmetry in the Higgs sector.Professional Training with CMS (CERN).Got the degree in July 2015. >>Quantum Field Theory.Experimental Particle Physics.Theoretical Particle Physics.Beyond the Standard Model.Nuclear Physics.Hadrons Physics at the Hadrons Colliders. Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology.Simulation and Data Analysis.Detectors' Physics.Interaction of Radiation with Matter. Scientific Computing in Physics (one month professional training).
  • University of Paris-Sud, France.
    First year of the Master's in Fundamental physics, 2012 - 2014
    Atomic and Molecular Physics.Particle and Nuclear Physics.Plasma Physics.Fluid Mechanics.Lasers' Physics.Classic and Quantum Electrodynamics.Condensed matter physics.Complex systems and information theory.
  • Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.
    Master's degree in Theoretical Physics, 2011 - 2011
    Belgian Equivalent Master's degree in Theoretical Physics.Got the degree in July 2011.Research assistant, New Physics at the LHC with CMS (CERN).
  • University of Oran, Algeria.
    Ph.D student, Theoretical Particle Physics, 2010 - 2012
    Study of the Strong Running Coupling in the TeV scale energies.Suspended.
  • University of Oran, Algeria.
    Master's degree in Theoretical Physics, 2008 - 2010
    Thesis: The Modern Status of the Quark-Parton Model.Master's degree with honors.Got the degree in June 2010. >>Quantum Field Theory.General Relativity.Differential Geometry. Supersymmetry.Second Quantization. Symmetries in Physics.Particle Physics.Statistical Quantum Mechanics.Group Theory.
  • University of Oran, Algeria.
    Bachelor's degree in Theoretical & Mathematical Physics, 2007 - 2008
    Graduated with Honors. Advanced Quantum Mechanics. Advanced Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics. Applied Mathematics: Advanced Calculus. Topology. Distribution Theory.Atomic Physics.Special Relativity.Elementary Particle Physics. Optics.
  • University of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Algeria.
    Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, 2005 - 2007
  • Ben-Otheman High School, Oran, Algeria.
    Natural sciences, 2002 - 2005
    Graduated with honors.Specialization: Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry.
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